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The Institute of Medicine is continuously looking for Simulated Patients (SP’s) for our educational purposes every year.

Simulated Patients (SP’s) are people who have been trained to accurately portray the role of a patient with a specific medical condition. The term “simulated patient” comes from the fact that SP’s are specifically trained to not only represent the context of situations or problems, but to also consistently recreate that same situation or problem each time they encounter a student.

The Simulated Patient primary objective is to ensure that all graduates possess the essential skills to perform a competent physical exam and take an accurate medical history.

We are looking for people who have a genuine interest in helping students improve their skills and derive personal satisfaction from contributing to their medical education. We are also looking for people who have interesting medical histories and have real physical findings. We frequently hire professional actors for cases that involve simulations of physical findings or emotionally charged scenarios. We also hire community theater actors and people with no acting experience. Many of the simulated patient cases are simple and do not require professional theater training. In the past we have employed librarians, school teachers, retired college professors, medical technicians, businessmen, college students, accountants, occupational therapies and other health profession. We currently have over 60 SP’s aged 13-50.

SP are not meant as replacements for experience with real patients, but as highly realistic learning resources for students.  This learning resource helps the students develop skills in interviewing and examination techniques.  

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a SP or would like to join us as one, please call us at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Institute of Medicine at (673) 2463001 extension 1954 or emailed me at [email protected]

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