Happy Anniversary Papa & Mummy


Big giant shout-out to my mum and dad who celebrate their 41st year of marriage today! Happy Anniversary Mummy and Papa with much love from your kids and grand-kids!

Couple of nights ago, we celebrated the parental units’ 41st wedding anniversary with a dinner at Ligong at the Empire. It was an all you can eat affair with heaps of dishes to choose from. It was an awesome meal and we all enjoyed it immensely! The promo runs only on Wednesdays and Thursdays and is priced at B$28.00 per head (I think!). Thoroughly recommended!

Li Gong[All You can Eat] English

The menu is pretty extensive!


Round ONE *ding ding ding*


Young ladies… growing up so fast


Not so young ladies, but still young at heart!


The Nintendo Generation!

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