The #Brunei IRC channel gathering


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Some of you probably know that I manage the #Brunei channel on IRC. Something I’ve been doing for the last 12 years 🙂 Anyway, in the 12 years on the channel history, many have come and gone, and the popularity of IRC has been taken over by instant messaging.

But there is still a certain allure to being in a channel on IRC and interacting with everyone at the same time. Kinda like CB radio, which is finally gaining some popularity here in Brunei judging by the number of cars on the road with CB antennae and various call signs displayed on windshields or bumpers.

Anyway, last night saw a small gathering of sorts, among the members of channel Brunei which took place at Inderaloka Biru or Blue Eden in Kiulap. It was good fun to catch up with the ops and it turns out some of the BFF members were also into IRC heheh!


Some of the #Brunei operators


See Jim, no noise!


I believe I ordered the LARGE teh tarik ping?


Notice only one plate of food on the table?


IRC’ers and photogs mingling


Siapa alum bayar group buy, sila cari budak ini asap!


I didn’t know she was an IRC’er heheh


Da gangsta, Jimmy Jo and Ucingitam


Easily my shot of the evening!

Author: Reedz

7 thoughts on “The #Brunei IRC channel gathering

  1. kkekeke awO My Hubby were urg #loneliness and mine is urg #brunet and #kristalfm small world kekeke was happy to see my bro angkat Matahantu and my old frendzz frm #jagong

  2. JimmyJo: banar… banar…

    CPS: Wow! IRC has brought so many people together!

    MeOwCpS: Siok ah gathering ah!

    UI: heheh yeah #anggerek and not to forget #jerudong!

    Thanks for coming and making the gathering more lively!

  3. meriah jua the gathering atu bro..dapat upload gambar lain dan sewaktu dengan nya at brunei-rocks bro.

    nice to meet u and ucingitam

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