The Human Chain!

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This special cartoon from Rhyme which was in the Bulletin last week just cracked me up! There’s definitely a treasure-trove of information over at the head-boy’s site which I refer to pretty regularly! Oh, here’s a pic of the artist himself at work taken last weekend at Country Patch… heheheh


Decorative Lines 25 Large 

Congratulations and well done to the BDAC team who successfully put together the first ever red ribbon human chain at the mall last night! It was fantastic to see such a great turnout in support of AIDS awareness. Only wished more of the public would participate… there were a number of folks in red shirts walking about, and when asked to join, walked away pretty quickly. Hmmm… anyway, I’ll let the pics do the talking as usual…


The ribbon. I’m sure there are better pics taken by others who were one floor up… *hint hint* 😀


The writing’s on the wall… spot AB’s message 😉


Liyana and Dewi


Gearing up for the show


Arranging the ribbon


We are the world!


Doin the funkeh dance!


Seronok sekali!!


The group shot afterwards


Liyana and her team


Stamp out the virus!


BFF’ers who came along to support the event

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4 thoughts on “The Human Chain!

  1. looks awesome! wish i’d known about it sooner. i like the writing on the wall. people should be more open about the basic underlying reasons of the spread of AIDS.

  2. Saw your message on the wall that advised people to use condoms. I just assumed that your message was targeted to non-muslims, otherwise, it would have been interpreted as a bad thing. You know what I mean.

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