It’s About Time…

Happy New Year gang! How was your new year’s eve? Mine was spent quietly at home with da family (which explains the lack of pics from last night heheh). I think the only one still awake to usher in the new year was Nia!

Anyway, I’m gonna have a bit of a rest for the next few days… to reflect and to plan on the activities for this year. In the mean time, here’s one of my favorite John Denver tracks to get you readers into the “reflecting” frame of mind as well… Its quite an old song but the lyrics are just as relevant today.. especially today… as they were at the time John wrote the song…

There’s a full moon over India
And Gandhi lives again
Who’s to say you have to lose
For someone else to win
In the eyes of all the people
The look is much the same
For the first is just the last one
When you play a deadly game

It’s about time we realize it
We’re all in this together
It’s about time we find out
It’s all of us or none
It’s about time we recognize it
These changes in the weather
It’s about time, it’s about changes
And it’s about time

There’s a light in the Vatican window
For all the world to see
And a voice cries in the wilderness
Sometimes he speaks for me
I suppose I love him most of all
When he kneels to kiss the land
With his lips upon our Mother’s breast
He makes his strongest stand

It’s about time we start to see it
The earth is our only home
It’s about time we start to face it
We can’t make it here all alone
It’s about time we start to listen
To the voices in the wind
It’s about time and it’s about changes
And it’s about time

There’s a man who is my brother
I just don’t know his name
But I know his home and family
Because I know we feel the same
And it hurts me when he’s hungry
And when his children cry
I too, am a father
That little one is mine

It’s about time we begin it
To turn the world around
It’s about time we start to make it
The dream we’ve always known
It’s about time we start to live it
The family of man
It’s about time, it’s about changes
And it’s about time
It’s about peace and it’s about plenty
And it’s about time
It’s about you and me together
And it’s about time

Author: Reedz

3 thoughts on “It’s About Time…

  1. Happy new year Reedz! Glad to read that you spent new years eve with your family. I think we should all make it a point to spend more time with family. John Denver was a poet and a wonderful singer. This song never fails to bring a tear to my eye. Lets turn the world around in 2009!

  2. Happy new year!
    This is such an appropriate start to the new year, thank you for reminding us all that we have to look outside our comfort zone and see the bigger picture… let’s try and make a difference in however small ways we can… cheers!

  3. Sensory: Happy new year to you too! No worries on the reminder… and lets hope new leaders will live up to their promises of “Yes We Can!”

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