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I attended the launching of Cuboiart’s brand spanking new book, “Irresistably Us” which was held at Country Patch in Kiulap last weekend. This is the 4th book published by Cuboiart and probably his best work to date.

As Mr BR puts it, “His satirical comments on Bruneians through his cartoons is out of this world. This latest collection of cartoons published in the Borneo Bulletin is much better than the ones he did previously. His social comments are getting sharper.”


I love this one!


The queue to purchase the new book and the first 3 books as well

Friends enjoying afternoon tea at the book launch


Many took the opportunity to take pictures with da man himself

Meet my younger brothers…


Cuboiart signing my copy of the new book 🙂


Country Patch is really cosy.. I loike!

Author: Reedz

9 thoughts on “Irresistibly US!

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  2. Memoirs27: Country Patch is located in Kiulap behind RBC Express. Its in the same row of shops as Twelv Cafe. Good luck finding it!

  3. HBK: awuuu lain indung ganya

    cuboiArt: no worries bro! my pleasure!

    Vance: thank you, the close up of the book was actually taken by cuboiArt himself 🙂

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