Keep our beaches safe…

A message from my buddy Alan: Yesterday 5 people nearly lost their lives at Tungku beach. Luckily the surfers were on hand to pull these people to safety. The first incident involved 3 full grown adults and the second incident involved 2 young boys. All of them were caught in the rip near the rocks and were swept out to sea and being forced under by the huge waves. Apart from the cuts and bruises from being smashed up on the rocks, everyone was safe thanks to the quick thinking of the surfers.

Without knowing better people will think that the area near the rocks provides shelter from the big waves and should be safe. However the rip is below the surface and will suck anyone out in a few seconds. This is the same area where the 10 year old boy drowned in December last year. The 10 year old boy also drowned in a simillar manner.

We’ve seen the headlines on Borneo Bulletin calling for lifeguards at our beaches. However as we all know this will take months and even years before being implemented. Chatting with a few of the surfers we agree that a signboard informing the public of the danger zones at the beach would be helpful.

We are now looking for anyone or any company that is willing to sponsor the fabrication of the signboard. Do let me know if there is anyone out there that is willing to sponsor this signboard and I will get in touch with them. Thank you!


Author: Reedz

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  1. Thank you to Mr Anonymous (you know who you are) for his generous pledge towards the fabrication of the signboard. Tks again mate!

  2. you guys could try talking to brunei shell… i think they dont mind sponsoring for any health safety stuff

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