Gaza is dying…


Gaza is dying — the battle is moving into its cities, jam-packed with 1.5 million civilians lacking food, medicine or water. President Bush undermined Thursday’s United Nations ceasefire resolution, and almost 1000 people are now dead. The borders remain closed — journalists can’t get in, and desperate civilians can’t get out.

But the global movement to end this war is building — our petition is at 430,000 signatures and rising, it has been delivered to top leaders at the EU, UN and Arab League, our US members are flooding their representatives with phone calls, and Avaaz members worldwide have donated over $120,000 to an ad campaign in key newspapers.

The pressure is working — so we’re ratcheting it up with hard-hitting US ads pressing Barack Obama personally for an immediate change of tack, face-to-face petition deliveries to European leaders this week to get them to act, and working with Palestinians and Israelis to plan bold actions on the ground. But every one of these actions becomes stronger as more of us join the campaign. We need to reach 1 million signatures this week — sign the petition now and let’s forward this email to all our friends and family:

Voices for a ceasefire are finally being heard in the Israeli cabinet and media, Hamas is signalling it could accept a deal including Turkish forces and EU monitors, but the sides are too far apart to end this themselves.[3] That’s why action by world powers is critical to break the deadlock — and global citizens’ voices can make all the difference if we raise an unstoppable voice calling on incoming President Obama, the EU and Arab and Muslim states to guarantee a fair and lasting ceasefire.

This week we are lobbying European and Muslim states for a more effective international initiative to end the violence, protect civilians on all sides and make normal life possible again in Gaza, while reaching out to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon who is in the Middle East working for a deal (we met him last year to deliver our food crisis campaign). Meanwhile we’re challenging contacts on both sides to think creatively and accept a fair, internationally-overseen agreement.

We’ve already run member-funded ads in the influential Washington Post and Roll Call, the US Congress newspaper — on the day of his inauguration this coming Tuesday, we will press Barack Obama to abandon Bush’s failed policies and act immediately to end this war, using his own words alongside hard facts to make the case in ads, US media debates and directly lobbying his team.

It’s amazing what we can do when hundreds of thousands of us come together arond the world — and if we raise our efforts to another level this week, we could help to finally end the Gaza horror. Follow the link below to take the first step by signing the petition, then spread the word so others can do the same:

With hope and determination,

Paul, Graziela, Alice, Ricken, Luis, Brett, Ben, Iain, Paula, Veronique, Milena and the whole Avaaz team

P.S. For a report on some of Avaaz’s other campaigns so far, see:

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1 thought on “Gaza is dying…

  1. Dear Reeda,

    I am so angry with the slaughter taking place as the so called leaders of the “civilized world” look the other way. I have signed up on similar petitions and will do the same here. While I expect the jews to continue with the slaughter under the auspices of the USA, I did not expect the arab ruling class to collude with them so callously.

    That is the real tragedy.

    In another forum I have (during a moment of absolute clarity) declared my condemnation of Herr Hitler for not finishing the job he started.When any jew starts that crap about anti-semitism, the holocaust, six million etc, my reply is that the jews brought it upon themselves for persistently annoying Hitler and Co with their presence just as Hamas has caused this killing of innocent civilians. Of course the other reason is that despite nazi warnings to the “juden” scribbled on walls, they chose to cluster around in jewish quarters. The nazis were only targeting a few jewish terrorists who had the temerity to resist nazi law makers and so … as it happens in any conflict “people get killed”

    In the present carnage, the jews and their american sympathizers have insisted that their enemy is not the palestinian people …”but this is war and people get killed in a war”

    All that aside, there is also no verifiable evidence from the Nazi side that they actually killed off six million. That argument is similar to CNN’s constant reminder that all cited figures of palestinian deaths cannot be independently verified.

    I suspect that this will come to an end only when (A) all palestinians are killed off and their lands totally taken over, (B) some other super power steps in to balance the odds in favor of the palestinians or (C) when the arabs wake up from their self-centeredness and organize more than their ritualistic flag burning demonstrations. At the moment, and going by the track record in this 60 year killing game, my bet is on (A).

    Lets connect again when the dust settles.



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