Sunday Breakfast at JC

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Took the new ride out for a spin last Sunday…


Recognize the pics?


The new ride*

* Purely ficticious of course… I wouldn’t buy a two door coupe… obvious reasons… 😉

Author: Reedz

12 thoughts on “Sunday Breakfast at JC

  1. the car didn’t really catch my attention.

    that plate of zhee mah kueh teow… now THAT, opened up my eyes 😛

  2. :LOL: the registration number…. cool one bro… karas g muha atu kan masuk kereta ah…. got the style..

  3. AB, I am a bit lost when eating at JC…Only been there like twice in my entire life. So what is recommended there?

  4. Mr Reedz, it would be more convincing if you were posing in different attire, e.g. tuxedo and different background. Macam James Bond kali ah….

  5. AF: the roti kuning kawin, zeema kwayteow, and of course the hot buns! (tip: to get the buns piping hot make sure u’re there just before 9am)

    deafening silence: haha but then it wouldnt match the post title would it? 😛

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