Let’s check out our own backyard!


The Brunei Tourism Department, launched its domestic tourism campaign this year with the introduction of a new marketing campaign called “10 must-do KNK Packages for 2009”.

The 10 packages are:

  1. Sunset Brunei Bay Cruise with a two-hour duration and promotion price of B$35 per person (minimum six-pax);
  2. One-night stay at Ulu Ulu Resort at the Ulu Temburong National Park at B$290 per person;
  3. Beach Fun Day with sea sports activities (four hours duration) at B$99 per adult (minimum two-pax);
  4. Proboscis Monkey Tour (one-hour river safari) at B$15 per person (minimum six-pax);
  5. Sungai Brunei Night Safari (four-hour river night safari) B$50 per person (minimum six-pax) inclusive of dinner at Kg Ayer Restaurant;
  6. Typical Brunei Fishing Village Experience (five hours duration) at B$50 per person (minimum six-pax) inclusive of lunch;
  7. Sailing in Brunei, 10 per cent off from the B$60 Sunset Cruise;
  8. Ulu Temburong day-trip adventure (eight hours duration) at B$88 per person (minimum two-pax) inclusive of lunch;
  9. Ulu Kitani Package (two-day one-night) at B$120 per person (minimum six-pax); and;
  10. Green Holiday at Sumbiling Eco Village at B$68 per person (minimum two-pax) inclusive of morning tea and lunch.

Participating KNK partners this year are Ulu National Park Resort Temburong, Mona Flora Fauna Tours, Sunshine Borneo Tours, Dolphin Sea Sports, Hasa Incentives, Singgahrurai Rainforest Lodge, Freme Travel and Dream Charters.

The department has also announced the launching of “KNK Passport” to encourage more locals and expatriates living in the country to participate in this year-long campaign.

Both projects will be launched on February 12 during the Brunei International Trade & Consumer Exhibition (BITC) at the International Convention Centre in Berakas.

Author: Reedz

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