SOAS Memorial Lecture


My auspicious ticket 🙂


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Up close and personal 🙂


Special prize if you can guess whose hand that is!


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5 thoughts on “SOAS Memorial Lecture

  1. I couldnt help but noticed and heard dissappointment from some audience. Those who were disappointed has expected something different than what MM Lee has delivered in his speech, perhaps maybe expecting MM Lee’s view on global economic or perhaps to share tips on how to turn a small nation into an industrially active nation.

    Please bear in mind that the lecture was held for us to remember Almarhum Seri Begawan, as the title has said ‘SOAS Memorial Lecture’, of course as the contemporary to Al-Marhum Seri Begawan, MM Lee’s lecture would be on what he has shared with Al-Marhum Seri Begawan during the historical turning point of Brunei and Singapore, on what pertinent issues and dilemma they were facing to build a nation. If we look around the region, orang yang seangkatan dengan Al Marhum Seri Begawan is MM Lee (i am not so sure about Mahathir as Malaysia was under Tunku Abd Rahman then). Thus, the lecture would be focused on the history of Brunei-Singapore relations.

    Or perhaps some audience was expecting MM Lee to share fond memories he had with Al-Marhum Seri Begawan..I am sure MM Lee had many of such moments.

    Or perhaps some audience was expecting to hear MM Lee to share some contemporary, economic issues. If so, of course it wouldn’t be suitable with the title of the lecture. I believe fora such as economic conferences as held by Asia Inc. etc. would suitably cater for such topic. Views on such matters can also be sought though interviews given by MM Lee to publications and magazines such as the Economist etc..

    So MM Lee’s lecture, to me was something very valuable and unique. I understand more on that part of Brunei history than any other text book. Due to health reason and work commitment, i was unable to go to ICC but I will laminate MM Lee’s full text which appeared in the Straits Times today for my children to read…and learn more about history of Brunei. After reading the speech, I have full admiration and appreciation of AlMarhum Seri Begawan. I think it is to evoke feeling like this that the Lecture was held in the 1st place…

    1. Billy: thanks for sharing your insight, and I absolutely agree with you. Everyone in that hall had different expectations and we can’t expect MM Lee to cater to all of them. In the final analysis, no one can say that MM Lee did not stick to the topic 🙂

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