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The media briefing

Pics from last week’s media briefing for the Silver Jubilee National Day celebrations. As da gangsta pointed out, nearly 500 passes were issued to media including “new media” bloggers. Thank you very much indeed to the folks at the information department for acknowledging new media as a bonafide media.

To the folks from traditional print and TV media, we ask for your patience as we learn the ropes in photographing huge official events such as this. We ask more for your guidance rather than your ire since you are the ones with most experience 🙂

To those from the “new media” we ask for your humility and cooperation. We have been given a privilege, so lets not abuse it only to have it taken away in future 🙂









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  • Al February 27, 2009, 10:55 pm

    didja guys have to submit a pic for your pass?
    kewl beans. ours was just plain… boo 😛

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