4th Annual Belait Travel Fair

Dropped by at the 4th Annual Belait Travel Fair at OGDC yesterday to check out what was on offer. The turnout was great with lots of special deals being offered by the participating travel agents and the airlines of course. Apart from the free ice-cream, an addition to this year’s participation were some booths set up by local SME’s (organized by BSLA) selling everything from little trinkets to food items. Congratulations to Royal Brunei Airlines, Abacus and their partners (thanks for the correction Halim) on a well organized fair!


Spin the Wheel


RBA launched its online check-in facility which I tried out. It basically allows passengers to check in ahead of time, and reserve their preferred seats in the aircraft. It speeds up the check-in process particularly if you’re travelling light. But it does speed things up if you’ve got luggage too because a special counter has been opened at the airport for passengers who have checked in online.


Online check-in at the travel fair included a relaxing shoulder massage…


After check in, a boarding pass in generated online…


Which u need to print out and bring with you to the airport (this I thought was unnecessary since u’d have been checked in on the system anyway… hmmm)


Southern belle


Lovely RBA ladies



Briefing on 10 things to do in Brunei by KNK folks



Da little man enjoyed himself at the OGDC playground!

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7 thoughts on “4th Annual Belait Travel Fair

  1. yeah..we were there when they thought u were ranoadidas..kinda funny though..but it doesnt matter..u both were fantastic in your individual ways… =)

  2. Salam Bro, the success of the 4th Belait Travel Fair was due to the hard work of Royal Brunei Airlines, Abacus and their partners. Sincere thanks to all of them.

    The SME’s selling everything was nothing to do with the travel fair it was organised by BSLA.

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