The New 7 Undressed

Last night saw the undressing of the brand new BMW 7 series by QAF Auto Sdn Bhd, the authorised BMW distributers. The undressing took place at the Sheraton Utama Hotel.

The new BMW 7 series is the most innovative rendition of luxury and dynamic performance. The arrival of the new BMW 7 Series marks the beginning of a new era in automobile design. Pioneering Innovations, Stylish Design, Luxurious Comfort, and Elegant Functionality of the all-new BMW 7 Series offers a superior driving experience quite unlike anything else in the luxury class.

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The X6 was on display outside the ballroom as a prelude to the undressing 😉


Jenny introducing the Acting German Ambassador Ulrich Maier. Here’s an excerpt from Herr Maier’s speech which I found quite amusing.

“Just the look of this aesthetically so pleasing state of the art product can not help but make you fall in love with it. And once you have learnt about the innovative technolgy implemented in this car, the luxurious comfort and the high quality of the interior finishing and rear-seat entertainment, I promise you, you can no longer hold back from purchasing this wonderful luxury vehicle.”

Talk about sales pitch! Heheh!





I love this frontal shot which was in the media-kit





Everything about the car oozes QUALITY


“Amacam? Ok?”


The Mawaz-Khans. Looks like its time to upgrade from that X5!

Yup looking good! You want black or white?


BMW Sales team welcoming you to spend your dosh!

Author: Reedz