CIPTA 2009

Pics taken a few weeks ago, when I was invited to be one of the judges for the CIPTA 2009 awards. The Awards is now reaching its climax. Winners of the competition for Creativity, Innovative Product and Technological Advancement in Brunei Darussalam will be unveiled on Saturday, 14th March 2009.




The winners stand a chance to win the overall outstanding project of the competition plus the prestigious Crown Prince’s trophy and total cash prize of up to B$10,000.00!



The competition has two categories. Category 1 comprises of new products or processes or technology, which may be beneficial to society or the environment. Category 2 comprises of modifications to existing product, process or technology, which improves or enhances its function or quality. In both categories, all areas of science, technology and engineering including civil, mechanical, electrical, and electronics and chemical engineering, as well as computers are included. The winners were assessed based on the project which has the most potential to be developed commercially, provide a solution to an existing problem in the society and to bring major benefit to the national development.


One of the highlights of CIPTA 2009 Awards will be the showcase of all finalists of the competition. The showcase will be opened to the public right after the Award ceremony on Saturday. This notable event that welcomes the Brunei public to share creativity and innovation in Brunei will be held over two days from 9.30am to 4.30pm. A large number of the public are expected to come and see the event unfold in wonder and anticipation when all project entries of the competition will be put on display for the public to view.


The Prize Presentation Ceremony will take suit on the same day of which first place winners in each of the two categories, will secure a cash prize of $6,000, and a CIPTA trophy. They also stand to win a further $4,000 for overall prize. Meanwhile, runners-up will win $4,000 and the CIPTA trophy, whilst second runners-up $2,000 and the CIPTA trophy. Consolation prizes of $500 and a certificate of appreciation are also awarded to other prize-worthy projects.



For the meantime, members of the public are welcome and encouraged to come and view the CIPTA 2009 Awards Showcase, and be part of this unforgettable experience. It is hoped that visitors will be inspired to develop ideas to participate in the next CIPTA Awards scheduled to take place in 2 years time.


Receiving a souvenir from ITB rep


The distinguished panel of judges for Category 1: new products or processes or technology, which may be beneficial to society or the environment


Author: Reedz