In case you missed the Sunset Shoot…

That border thing…

Update 19th Feb: Over at the Asia Sentinel, Philip Bowring writes:

According to a 2006 study by Rabobank, the Dutch financial services provider, Brunei’s wells will run dry in 2015—just a bit over six years from now. A 2003 study by the World Markets Research Centre puts the end of the gravy train a year earlier, 2014. Natural gas, the other leg of Brunei’s economy, is expected to run out 10 years later, in 2025.

The world and history have moved on. Malaysia is much stronger than in 1987, Brunei more vulnerable. So instead of the question of whether Limbang should be part of Brunei not Sarawak the next issue, maybe two decades hence, may be whether Brunei becomes part of Sarawak.


That border thing seems to be bothering everyone, but yeah, I agree with Mr BR, right now, we should be focusing on the potential economic gains rather than getting all hot and bothered over the border. Great write-up on the background of the whole Limbang issue over at Mr BR’s site by the way. I finally know who did what when and where. Do check it out.

In today’s BB, there was this bit about the local press being barred from the media conference held at the malaysian high commission after the historic signing of the LOE. What was that all about? Why bar local media? Ada apa-apa ker?

I told you this young man is terribly talented…






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