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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam (UBD) students at the Educational Technology Centre (ETC) held deejay auditions yesterday for the university’s first radio station, UBDfm, which is currently under plans to be launched.

In an interview, Dr Hanafi Mohammad, the head of ETC, said that the plan of obtaining a radio station for the university was still tentative and through the audition, they would be able to see how many students responded.

"This is still a planning stage, and we are trying to see how many students will respond to this idea," he said.

Pre-arrangements through approaching relevant government agencies about this issue has had a positive response, he said.

Still in the midst of writing up the proposal for a radio station to be passed on to Vice-Chancellor Dr Zulkarnain Hanafi for approval, he added that it was now just up to them to draw up the paperwork and then it will be finalised in due time.

He said that part of the introduction of the radio station was to ensure a more private campus which is aligned with the initiatives that support the new Generation X degree intakes.

In the future, students might be compensated for working with the radio, but in these early stages, the plan is for students to volunteer, he stated.

"But slowly, when the radio station is stable after three or four months, then we’ll think about market in UBDfm," he said.

He also said that there were still other issues to think about, such as deejay training for students.

According to Hj Md Khalil Hj Md Kashfi, a member of the Student Representative Council (MPP), a total of 24 students has signed up for either the radio deejay position or part of the radio crew.

"The response has been overwhelming as we were only expecting 15. To be honest, there are actually more students who wanted to come today but they had classes," he said.

He also said that he was quite happy with the response and that there will be another date for UBD students to audition which will be announced at a later date.

UBD students had to register and went through another three stages for the radio deejay/crew process.

The second stage was interviews with two first-year students and student council members, namely Rahmalini Rahman from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Policy Studies and Shafiee Yakob from the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute (SHBIE).

Both students were interviewed and gave statements on how the radio station could change the face of the university.

"What we are looking for are students who are committed to making things happen. A student who can put 100 per cent into this project," said Rahmalini.

"We are trying to make a reform and make a difference in our university. If this happens, it will be the first university in the country to have its very own radio station," said Shafiee.

Following the interviews, the students were asked to audition in front of renowned deejays in Brunei namely, DJ Alif from Pelangi, DJ Alan from Pilihan, DJ Sean from Pilihan, DJ Ayu from Kristal and Badariah, a representative from the tutors in UBD.

The results of the deejay/crew auditions will be announced next week.



DJ Ayu (with the tudong) interviewing and recording the contestant


Dj Aliff, Dj Sean, DJ Allen, Dj Airil, Dj Mala and Ms.Badriah

The Deejays, Miss Bad and the Student council who organized the audition, Shafiee, Khalil and Lynie


The judges

Message from Khalil: Special thanx from me to the volunteers for the audition and for MIREZ a.k.a AMIR for being the photographer for that day. He’s the best!! N To the DEEJAYS (Aliff, Sean, Allen, Airil & Mala) and MS.BAD for agreeing to help out with the audition..

The next audition will be announced soon for those who werent able to make it yesterday (for UBD-ians only) and the result for the last audition will come out NEXT WEEK.. those who got the post will be texted. 🙂


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