The Brunei Beach Bums clean-up at Pantai Tungku

Update 24th March

Ultimate Frisbee is coming to Brunei! so come and have a try on the new sport yeah. Details are below.

  • Tuesday 24/03/2009 730 pm Maktab Duli intro UF for BARA
  • Wednesday 25/03/2009 730 pm Maktab Duli
  • Thursday 26/03/2009 800am – 10am 3pm – 5pm UBD rugby field
  • Friday will go ahead if we have enough interest in UF held at UBD whole day with break for prayers

This is a 3 day workshop for a Ultimate Frisbee event culminating in a mini tournament.

Announcement: BARA’s Ultimate Frisbee Event

With support from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the Brunei Adventure Recreation Association (BARA) will be showcasing Ultimate Frisbee to Bruneians, especially the youth, during the first term school holidays.

Although not entirely new in the world’s arena, this will officially be the first time, residents of Brunei Darussalam will have a taste of how the simple throwing and catching actions involved in playing with the Frisbee can be transformed into a heated competitive team sport.

For this purpose, BARA has invited an American expert to introduce the game to anybody interested in learning. He will touch on the basic rules, regulations and basic skills necessary to properly play Ultimate Frisbee.

Briefing and training sessions will be held from 730pm to 10pm on March 25 and from 8am to 10am and 3pm to 5pm on March 26, at the UBD Sports Complex.

If the response to the sport is encouraging, BARA will consider hosting a mini tournament for several teams on March 27.

BARA is keen on identifying potential recreational activities that the people of Brunei would be interested in and are skilled at to not only diversify activities available in the country but also to not ignore the possibilities of competing on the international level.

“We’re very excited about this Ultimate Frisbee event,” said Adiman Hj Wahid, BARA Vice President. “Our preliminary soundings on the internet about holding this event has been very positive. I can only hope that the reality will match our expectations.”

Pics taken yesterday morning at Tungku beach where the Brunei Beach Bums were having their second clean-up. Looks like between the first and second clean-up, a lot more irresponsible people have been dumping their rubbish indiscriminately at the beach. The main culprits I think are picnic’ers and fishermen who frequent the area. Whatever happened to “Leave nothing behind but footprints”? *sigh*












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  1. Interesting post on the ultimate frisbee. Just wondering how many people have heard of the aerobie? It is similar to a frisbee but goes a heck of a way further. So far that it holds the Guiness world record for distance thrown of well over 400m. For the past year I had heaps of fun playing the aerobie with my son. Interestingly I have not seen the product sold here in Brunei. I have three aerobies courtesy of my daughter. It was given to her by Alan Adler the inventor of the aerobie who happens to be an engineering lecturer at Stanford.

  2. Hey ivfdad! What a blast from the past! I remember having an aerobie like toy (I think it was called zoomerang) in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Yes, I think it was way more fun than a conventional frisbee and it certainly flew further! Hey, stay-tuned for a little announcement from me involving educational institutions and studying abroad! 😉

  3. The 25/3 Ultimate Frisbee session is at Maktab Duli isn’t it? According to BARA’s Facebook event page…

  4. Hi Reeda,

    You bet I will. Always look forward to all your postings. There is nothing like a good read to wind down the day. Keep up the good work.


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