That time when the drain collapsed…

Searching for that Lexus. A woman was killed in a hit-and-run case yesterday. According to the Royal Brunei Police Force, the accident took place along the Muara/Tutong Expressway near the Nakhoda Ragam Vocational School in Lambak Kanan around 9.15am. The police said the 47-year-old New Zealand national was cycling along the expressway heading towards the direction of Jerudong when the car hit her from behind.

The injured woman was immediately rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but she succumbed to her injuries later in the evening. The police are looking for a red or maroon coloured Toyota Lexus which is suspected of hitting the woman.

Anyone who had witnessed the accident has been urged to contact the nearest police station or the Berakas Police Station at 2330410/12/13 ext 20 to give information and assist in the investigation. [Source: The Brunei Times]

As a result of the recent heavy rains and flood, the drain next to my home collapsed, causing many sleepless nights for fear of further soil erosion from beneath my home. To make matters worse, the constant rains caused some soil erosion at the back of the house as well.

Throughout this period, the NDC, Fire and Rescue Department, and JKR were extremely helpful and responsive. Teams of people came by to put up canvas sheets in an effort to prevent further erosion, and at the same time, folks from JKR and Survey department came by to assess the damage.

Understandably, it took some time for a permanent remedy to be implemented, but I am really chuffed to say that after the announcement by His Majesty on the special budget to speed up repairs to damage caused by the landslides and floods, everything went into hyper-drive. For that, my family and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the government of His Majesty.

This series of photos is my personal tribute to the efforts of His Majesty’s government for mitigate the damage caused, and reduce the sufferings of the citizens and residents of this blessed nation of ours, Brunei Darussalam.


The collapsed drain which services the whole housing area in which I live


The collapse was partly caused by the beams giving way



Constant rains meant the flowing water kept eroding the soil under my house


Fire & Rescue boyz popped by…


… to put up canvas sheets


The drain discharges into a stream behind my house


The retaining wall which I built to prevent erosion from the drain discharge


After the constant rainfall, even the retaining wall collapsed


Baaaad shaaape 🙁


After the announcement, brand new drain!



Definitely a better design!


Gabions were set up at the back of the house


Beams for the drain. Bigger and stronger this time I hope





Author: Reedz

8 thoughts on “That time when the drain collapsed…

  1. Im happy to see the drain is fixed. Knowing me, I would have gone beserk seeing the condition of my house’s surroundings like that!! hehehe..Glad the relevant authorities are taking appropriate actions (fast) in ensuring the public’s safety and well-being.

  2. Siap dah panya bro….. harap2 tanjung masuk tu kana paduli lagi lah… tu bah tiang letrik ah….. parah tu bro. kompom patang tu nyanta 🙂

  3. I do hope the police does not just wait for witnesses to come. I hope they went around workshops and also NBT to see if any lexus cars came for a repair on the paint or dents, which could be suspected of the hit and run. Thought it might be too late now (or is it? since workshops do record of any fixes). Sad and angry that the person did not stop to help and just sped off. Curse on you and your car. My condolonces to the family of the New Zealand lady..

  4. Memoirs27: my sentiments exactly…

    HBK: awu membari kuatir jua keadaan tiang letrik atu ah… 🙁

    Sarahdee: We did go beserk but in our own quiet way 🙂

  5. Assalamaulaikum

    Tolong gtau eh dmna memohon special budget atu sir please do sms me at 8864650, na ku tau g dmna kan minta tolong

    1. Wslm Khairul. Budget tersebut telah diluluskan pada bulan April tahun ini. Budget ani antaralain dikhaskan untuk kerja2 pembaikan longkang saliran yang rosak atau musnah akibat banjir teruk yang melanda pada bulan Februari lepas. Sila hubungi ketua kampung biskita ataupun Pusat Pengurusan Bencana Kebangsaan untuk maklumat selanjutnya.

    1. No problem bro. Pusat Pengurusan Bencana Kebangsaan di belakang HQ Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat di Airport Lama Berakas. Yang baik nya hubungi ketua kampung jua pasal ia point of contact tu 🙂

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