Warisan Emas Kitani


Since I got my copy of Mr BR’s new book, The Golden Warisan, last weekend, I’ve learnt that:

  • the previous administrative capital of Belait district was actually Kuala Balai.
  • the councils formed under the constitution include the Privy Council, the Council of Ministers, the Legislative Council, the Council of Succession, and the Islamic Religious Council.
  • along with padians, the pengalus played a vital role in Brunei’s economy and administration.
  • circumsion in the old days involved merely snippin a nerve at the base of the male organ (ouch!)

The book is made up of 40 brief snippets of information which are actually the author’s articles published in the Brunei Times thoughout 2007. I love the format which makes it very easy to read, and as a source of information about Brunei, this is excellent! Its like a handy, portable version of Bruneiresources.com heheh!

If you haven’t bought your copy, its available at all Best Eastern Bookstores at a very affordable price of B$12.00. For educational purposes, Mr BR is even offering to provide copies at no cost. Read here for more about that.



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Foodie Bloggers’ Recipe Book Update

From da gangsta:

There’s one limited edition “My Recipe Book” which was personally signed by Her Royal Highness ‘Azemah Ni’matul Bolkiah during the Charity Bazaar and this signed recipe book will be going for auction and the starting bid will be BND50.00. Oh yeah, the special book will be framed with the picture of HRH signing the book. So that’s a pretty good buy indeed. The deadline will be on Saturday midnight.

For those interested to bid the recipe book, you can text me at 8677773 and place your bid and your name. Let’s do this for a good cause

From Pablo’s site:

And you thought we are done…. No! Not just yet until we have more fun and games with you readers. All I can say is, we couldn’t keep our little mystery secret for long, and now the whole story will be revealed!…LOL!

It is a mystery really. Some chefs love to leave out key ingredients so that they are always superior to their students. Almost as if these ingredients were left out on purpose… So, it is a mystery really? What can it be? A hint is to get the book and check out which recipe could it be. Update on books- we are left with 150 copies. Selling like cucur pisang panas! We have no intention to reprint at the moment. You can get them at [email protected] at Qlap Mall or Serikandi at Qlap.

Click here for more info!

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