Priscilla Bites!


“My Recipe Book” auction update:

Bidding for the above special signed (AND FRAMED) edition of the book as of 5pm 7th May stands at B$1,086.00! If you wish to beat this bid, you can text da gangsta at 8677773 and place your bid and your name. Let’s do this for a good cause!

A couple of nights ago, fellow foodies and I went to check out Manjaro, a well-known joint in the hip and happening foodie scene over the last five years (wow time sure flies!). Priscilla, the babe behind Manjaro has been making waves with her Saturday night Eurasian buffets, which, as the name suggests, includes a mixture of Asian and European dishes.

Normally the first weekend of the month will be $24.90 (adult) & $15.90 (6-12 years old). The second weekend will be $19.90 (adult) & $10.90 (6-12 years old) but with a different set of menu. Children under 6 eat for free.

Give them a call at 2236493 for more info.


I was verrry late heheheh!


King Prawn Bisque – You can just taste the ocean in every spoon!


Mushroom Bacon Volcano


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King Neptune’s Itaian Sensation – I was TOLD this was the dish of the night!
But since I was late, I didn’t get to taste it, so I reserve my comments heheh!
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Priscilla’s Chunky Chicken Pie

mongolian noodles

Mongolian Noodles
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The Deli Platter

herbed roasted tenderloin

Herbed Roasted Tenderloin. I missed out on this one 🙁
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Honey coated barbequed lamb… slurrrrp


Priscilla’s Chocolate Delight


Crème Brûlée

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  2. Awwwww – you missed out on most of the good stuff!

    Manjaro is going to be a regular pilgrimage. I also heard raves about the Neptune seafood buffet nites, but they keep eluding me. >.< I think between Manjaro & the Palm Cafe by Teresa, the 'lap is definitely looking up!


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