Lets go for a picnic at the hospital

I found myself nodding my head in agreement when I read this articulate post in Have Your Say about visiting hours in our local hospitals.

Is RIPAS Hospital a Zoo or the Gadong Mall? – By Depressed Patient

I became deeply depressed when I was admitted on 2nd April. But my condition got worse right up to the time I was discharged on 15th April 2009.

No one is keen to be hospitalized. But in RIPAS you would be doubly so. Why? Because of the unbearable NOISE in the ward. The public here generally neglect to observe the visiting hour rule and is turning the hospital into a zoo or The Mall Gadong. Why I say this? Because it is a fact and there have been so many complaints. Minister, please take note.

My admission in the hospital should have given me a quiet moment to relax my mind but it turned to be otherwise. Nurses tried a couple times to tell the visitors, who should not have been there in the first place, to be quieter but people ignored them. Why not CEO RIPAS really be strict and impose the visiting time rules like in other countries? I know that these rules are already posted on wall in each ward. But who cares? It does not make a difference. NO. None at all! So I think it is time to post professional security guards.

Still visitors continue to laugh at all hours and coming into the ward any time like in a coffee shop ignoring the patient’s condition in the ward. They just don’t care. They just care only about their family and themselves.

But it is never too late. Please think, people are admitted not because they want to be admitted. They need to relax and recover in order to be cured. People here just know how to say bad things and become rude and violent if they are told about the rules. So they just ignore the rules. And they tend to be arrogant and aggressive. But the hospital staff does their work for your country and for the patient and cannot expect to do battle with this rude and ignorant lot who come in at all hours of the day and night. Where is the discipline? It should be strictly imposed. And I know this post will be criticized by some people.

BUT if they know how I felt and suffered they would understand. And I would say to this inconsiderate people, behave and obey the rules and give some thought to others. So I don’t care about the criticism. I tell the truth and what patients around me also said.

One particular experience came to mind immediately which happened some months ago when I took daughter number 1 to the emergency room and she was put in the day ward near A&E for observation. There was a patient in the same ward who had an entire entourage of family members with her, from her children and their spouses to her grand-children, and maybe even her great grand-children.

Galpren bulih tah tu?

For those who’ve been to the day-ward, you’ll know that its quite small and cramped with three beds only. This group was hogging the entire ward and literally having a picnic. They were chit-chatting at the top of their voices while the kids were running around wreaking havoc. Just as we thought the place was getting really packed, MORE relatives walked in complete with CRYING INFANT! This family definitely scores A1 for filial piety. Thats all I can say.

Picnic time!

It seems our people need to learn to have a bit more empathy for other patients in the same ward as their loved ones. Oh, and we need to be slightly more attentive to signs posted on the walls and doors of hospital wards. They’re there for a reason.

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  1. And i still remember while waiting taking turn to go inside, I heard one of the family members talking (not bz body but since she's saying it out LOUD, *org masalah pendengaran ganya nda mendangar tu* if u know what i mean)
    "Esok apa kamu bawa"
    "Aku bawa talor goreng special"
    "Suruh si anu dtg ah bawa ani bawa itu"
    "Bah aku msg c anu jua suruh datang"

    Talking about the SECURITY.. hmmmmmmmm didn't see much they can do about it.

    agree with hdm says
    "tapi orang kitani BRUNEI ANI JENIS INDA MAKAN SAMAN. Orang menagur, org di bawa nya kelahi. (SOUND SO FAMILIAR – TYPICAL ORG BRUNEI)."

    1. That’s true…..typical Bruneian habits’……..but if they do the same things out side Brunei then they’ll be humble like angle. They start to respect the law and the system.

  2. It's all fun and games in the wards until some visitor gets infected with MRSA.

    Anyway, I do agree with the patient's right to recuperate in peace. I cringe everytime a family lets loose one of their brats to run around disturbing others. It's not that family members can't visit a sick relative, but be reasonable, follow the rules, and everyone should be able to recuperate in peace.

    I just can't believe that in this day and age, our people's rudeness and sense of entitlement is still pretty much apparent.

  3. sad but true … i've been complaining about the very thing arah the sis & seniors di RIPAS atu (yg ku kenal & mesra lah) , they said, sudah d buat mcm-mcm cara, secara hormat & kurang ajar utk meng-control visitors yg bising d RIPAS atu, tapi orang kitani BRUNEI ANI JENIS INDA MAKAN SAMAN. Orang menagur, org di bawa nya kelahi. (SOUND SO FAMILIAR – TYPICAL ORG BRUNEI). when i was admitted earlier this year, the most yg dpt ku buat , MENJELING AND TARIK MUHA GARANG (luckily, muka ku andang nya muha org jahat … hehehehe) … mun ada yg paham atu, diam ia, mun yg inda … catu tah saja.

    AND ONE MORE THING … VISITORS d RIPAS atu yg SMOKING outside the wards… WHEN clearly ada "NO SMOKING" sign posted there … sheeesh. BABAL, mun d ucap inda bersekolah, marah ia.

  4. BTW with regard org SECURITY di RIPAS atu, baik tah jgn d gaji, nada berpaidah-paidah, bercerita amongst themselves and visitors ada lah, bukan nya kan melarang.

  5. Thats the issue in RIPAS….
    "Lets go picnik at JPMC" .
    Membawa periuk, warmer, tikar, kitil karan etc as if mcm kan catering bah bisdia disana and pas makan atu melimpang . For Real? Yes seen it with my own eyes. Talking about the smell fuhhh, can tell they are eating ambuyat with d "cacah". Atu di ICU waiting area.

    General Ward…. no space inside. They "lepak" at the corridor outside spreading the tikar. 😆 sampai payah kan melintas.. Numbers of family bulih lah dikatakan panuh jua semeja KEM sewa ah…..

  6. I very less visiting the RIPAS, but I still remember how bad the parking and the numbers of people there. I agree the minister have to take action and start a strict rules against the rude people. All else this complains will never end forever. I'm sure the workers might not want to take risk becoming unfriendly with the patient or visitors or maybe getting complains. But it must be done all else things got worst and worst.

  7. i've been a patient at RIPAS recently, and to be honest, although I disagree on the drones of ppl coming in at one time creating a havoc, I do think on the other hand, that its ok to have at least two guests per time keeping one company. The hospital isn't like a hotel, although you are there to rest, but sometimes after an operation, you really wouldn't mind for sumone to wait on you. The visiting hours are ok, but realistics i think exceptions must be considered at certain times. Just an opinion :s

  8. yes this fact is sooo true.. i was just discharged like when?? 3 days ago? yeahh.. technically the surrounding there is still fresh in my mind on how the visitors didnt obey the rules..mcm mlawat, bcrita dgn senyaring2 suara ingin2 ati nya..until all the 16 medications that i took daily for the whole 5 days in ward didnt kicked in..pasal apa tu nah??? asal tidur saja mesti tkajut bgn mndgr suara visitors yg ketawa tebahak2!! yg becrita smpai suaranya kn sebgnan tdgr! mana lagi tdgr bunyi kasut lakup2 tue! mcm dsngajakan…mcm ward atu kan lari..nda tah dpt bjln plahan! n now side effect nya mata ku yg bsai ane btukar plang mcm panda usul nya gara2 5 hari nda btdur.. huhu … thats i can complaint.. overall its all good.. thanks to the nurses yg penyabar.. u guys did a good job! (=

  9. It only takes one patient's relatives to create such an uneasy, loud atmosphere and if there's more, then all is lost.

    The reason why visiting times are adhered to elsewhere, for example, in Britain, is because hospital management are take consistent measures, emphasize and outline their rule and ACTUALLY implement them.

    In my hospital, the ward has a 'buzz in' system (buzz only heard at nurses station) with camera. So outside of the visiting hours, no one can enter except for hospital personnels. And the visiting times are moderate. A few hours in the morning and late afternoon. When there's ward rounds, only parents are allowed to stay. There is no need for security guards. More cost effective and proven to work.

    But in RIPAS, sadly at administration the higher officials do not go about bringing on such measures. For them it is evident that they work the minimal hours possible, take 'minum' the most they can and count the days til the next 'cuti' PATHETIC.

  10. Honestly, I don't think it's JUST the visitors who make noise in the hospital. 9th April this year I had an operation, so after the operation I had to stay in almost the whole day. But anyway, I had trouble sleeping and resting, as that was the only thing I could do, I mean, well, I was in pain, I was bored, what do you expect, right? But it was not the visitors who were making noise. When I got up to see what/who was making all the noise, I saw a bunch of group of nurses chattering and laughing away together, and from what I remember, it went on for hours! That made me really disappointed, and moreover angry. If visitors make noise, I'm sure everyone would understand. BUT NURSES? C'MON!

  11. Alhamdulilah. Pelawat di Suri Seri Begawan Hospital, Kuala Belait kebanyakkan turut peraturan masa melawat. Tidak jadi masalah jika kita patuh akan peraturan. Jangan pentingkan diri sendiri. Hormati lah pesakit2 dan peraturan yang ada. Jadikan Suri Seri Begawan Hospital, Kuala Belait contoh(Boleh ikut peraturan) harap RIPAS boleh menangani masalah yang ada sekarang.

  12. hmm. that's true. org brunei inda makan saman. and yes typical bruneian inda mbwa klaie inda sah tu. sdgkn org buat pkara yg lurus but bagi drg, drg yg lurus. patut di ambil tindakan pada org yg inda ngikut peraturan. yet, i dont think security dpt buat apa2 jua. sometimes they didnt do their job but just playing with their phones and msn? and dlm bnyk2 negeri, ripas emergency yg paling lidut! the most slowest service ever. mun org kn mati, inda jua ia mnunggu lagi. lum lagi part org nya taiming2. patut di ubah lagi ne. *sorry to say 🙂

  13. AB, how about you mentioning this very thing to The Health Minister next time u sees him, better yet, do it while THERE'S CAMERA rolling … most cases, kalau ada camera & publicity baru MEREKA-MEREKA YANG BERKENAAN ani TAKE ACTION… otherwise, to each their own.

  14. Well I agree RIPAS administration is terrible in implementing thier rules to visitors and maybe they should limit at least 2 people at one time to minimise disruption. People visiting or nurses or other workers should remember that the patients inside the ward is not well and they need the rest. Be considerate and be sensitive with your surrounding. I know it is a good deed to visit sick relatives or friends but just bare in mind they also need rest and if you are not looking after them just don't stay too long to chatter and bother other people who is recovering in the ward. So Visitors And Others "Please Be Considerate And Don't Be Rude".

  15. Yes! I agree that they should restrict the family member's' to visit the patient. But have you ever think that if it's the husband who admitted the hospital and the wife has three small kids to take care of and is not available to bring them to see their daddy in the hospital or inside the ward? May I know who's the one who should take care of their children at home or at the hospital? Or they should occupied the chairs outside the ward and wait for their turn to go see their daddy?

    I think they should allow 2-3 family members rather than just one.

    Reason: What if the person taking care of the patient want to go to the washroom or buy stuffs or pick up some stuffs in his/her car and there's nobody there to take care of the patient when the patient needs somebody.

    1. Just a thought.

      Hospital ward are not exactly the kind of places you wanna bring small children or infants. There's a higher concentration of germs or bacterias which can be potentially dangeroud to young ones.

      1. Thank you for your reply. It's just an example to support my point. It doesnt have to be children or infants. They may be old parent who couldn't take care of themselves or anybody. 😀

  16. In the good side. My 2 sons born there and my wife gave birth with ease as the nurses and doctors that time were very good and gentle. Thanks to RIPAS.

    The bad side.
    1. We've been to ICU and Jaundice room. It's really dirty. Only part of the floors had been mopped and the cleaner don't even moved the chair or clean the under beds. Also very crowded and smelly.

    2. After my son's minor operation when he was 1 yr.old. He was admitted in the ward together with other patients who have had major operations and suffering from lung diseases. So my son got pneumonia and since then we transfered to JPMC. True it's low cost and most of the time is free (especially medicines) but the long term health will suffer.

    3. I myself have observed the procedure at ICU and I just do not want to say in detail but I think nurses there needs to be more gentle especially in handling babies or kids. In some hospitals outside brunei, the nurses and doctors are very friendly to children and they even wear special uniform with some cartoon characters to give joy to the patients. They always smile and talk to parents with proper tone. I think medical practitioners outside Brunei love their jobs and they really want to help. I do not know here.

    Cleanliness is always an issue. There are also some doctors and nurses who never wear gloves. I've read same complain from Borneo Bulletin last 09 May 2009 that nurses never even change the ear plug of thermometers and they use them to many patients in a day.

    4. The place itself is a MAZE. The parking areas are worst. First timer will surely get lost.

    5. The emergency room/area is not really for emergencies. I think they need to put nurses and doctors there who are willing to deal with emergencies and will never choose who the patients are.

    6. Many believed that every person's character lies on its name and so with the businesses and establishments. I always hear bad reputation to RIPAS including laying out of its acronyms as "Rest In Peace After Surgery" and "RIP AS_" add another 'S'.
    Seriously, what is the real meaning of RIPAS?

  17. At the end of the day, it's all up to the adminstration of RIPAS to enforce the policy of strict visiting hours for the sake of the patients. If hospitals in other countries can do it, why can't we? Just because we have a free (close to) health system. we have no say? Mind you, the people working in RIPAS are being paid by our Govt, so it is expected that they do their work properly. (and correctly)

  18. i have always been a JPMC patient (in/out/maternity) only due to the availability of health insurance cover but i am thankful for that. having visited many relatives at RIPAS becomes unimaginable to me as to how i would have survived my hospital stays should i have been there… most of my friends diss JPMC but i highly compliment their level of cleanliness and strict policies from food to visitors. even my contacts who can more than afford JPMC swear to never to there for "principle" reasons which truthfully sounds like a load of rubbish to me.

    i guess good health care comes with a price here. i have come to accept that anything offered by government services leaves you feeling dissatisfied mostly – whether it be medical or official matters. most government workers love "makan gaji buta". that is until a complaint is made where they will fuss over for a while then revert to their former workstyle – unbothered! HM needs to be made aware of what is going on – that's all i have to say.

  19. I have been warded at RIPAS numerous times and once for major abdominal surgery. It can be a depressing time there and I actually felt glad that there were a lot of patients with huge families and I look forward to when their family shows up and make a ruckus. Because it really cheers me up and lets me forget my pain as I watch the 'meriah' sight around. Imagine if visitors were restricted, it would be a really sad and sorry sight in the hospital with the sick staring at the sick which makes for an even more depressing mental state. Many people who are hospitalised do welcome some ruckus and cheriness especially from family members. It cheers them up and speeds up recovery and they don't feel so lonely, waiting for time to pass before they can go home. It may seem like a fish market to some, but where else can you find such a warm environment but here in Brunei? And I cherish it. For those who can't stand any noise, they will complain even at the sound of a pin dropping no matter where they are. They of course have to option to transfer to the private ward.

  20. you are right, I agree with you. Not only for practical reasons but we shouldn't need to justify why we need to have more than 1 family members around, including kids. there is nothing more heartwarming than being able to see, hear and touch all you loved ones when you are in recovery (assuming it's nothing contagiously deadly). It's ironic that a hospital is a breeding ground for germs when it is a place people go to cure themselves of germs.

  21. I totally agree with the comments made here. We Bruneians should be more considerate to the others. We dont get admitted to hospital for nothing but to get well, but the commotion created during visiting hours are far from ideal to get you well in fact it is the other way round. This was the what happened when my 83 year old mum was admitted to the hospital last week. She couldn't get some decent sleep because of the noise. Pls Bruneians, next time you go to hospital to visit your relatives, keep your noise to a minimum and let the others rest peacefully.

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