The Big Shootout!

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After starting off on the wrong footing by buying my camera bodies from parallel importers, I took the step of going “legit” with the local distributor for Canon, Interhouse, and bought an EOS40D from them two years ago.

Since then, it has been Interhouse all the way. It feels good having that local warranty and a service center with someone who actually knows the camera inside out. Price-wise, there may be a slight premium but when the perenial poop hits the fan, we’d be glad to have that comfort of knowing the distributor is there for us.

Anyway, this series of shots was done over breakfast yesterday. As you would imagine, people were looking at us wondering what the heck we were doing photographing cameras! Hehehe!

Sooo, what do you reckon? A Nikon D700 vs Canon 5D MkII? Equal match or no match at all? Here’s the low down from the folks at Gizmodo:

Today in the DSLR world, wedged somewhere in the middle of entry-level APS-C, semi-pro APS-C, pro APS-C and pro full-frame, we now have a nice semi-pro full-frame option to consider. The categories may be piling up, but we are so happy this new one came along. Now that getting a full-frame sensor doesn’t require going into hock to get the same body that photojournalists are taking to Iraq, we serious-but-still-recreational shooters can use these full-framers to get great shots at ISO settings so high it’s ridiculous to think about. And on the 5D Mark II, we can film 1080p video. Holy crap.

In the end, for me, I give the trophy to the 5D Mark II for the 1080p video. It’s got its drawbacks, sure, but being able to switch seamlessly from stills to beautiful movies with my awesome 35mm DSLR lens is just too good to be true. The D700 has an edge, albeit a slight one, in some categories like high ISO, but in the new world order, 1080p video from your DSLR is an ace that can’t be beat.


Apollonia looks so demure seated next to the mighty D700 😉








Author: Reedz

11 thoughts on “The Big Shootout!

  1. Somehow Canon's off/on button seems alien to me =P adakh sana location nya.. hehe but anyway, to each their own.
    Btw, happy belated bday! I didn't get to wish you on the forum..

  2. salam bro… happy belated birthday… hmm awesome toys.. used to owned d 5Dkm2… cool cameras… but hmm now im a nikong user dah hopely soon wna own the D700… neway keep up the good work nice shoots bro… cheers

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