ILM Academy – Developing Mind, Enriching Potential


Talk on Brunei’s Marine Ecosystem Tonight!

Conservation International is engaged to undertake a study on Brunei’s marine life. Tonight they will be sharing their findings with the local diving community and getting feedback on how we can improve/enhance Brunei’s marine ecosystem, even build up our dive tourism here!

Also present will be Dr Gerry Allen – fish expert extraordinaire (author of Reef Fish ID, the must have book of all divers!), Dr Emre Turak & Dr Lyndon Devantier – Coral Reef Ecologists and Coral experts, and last but not least, Markus Ruf – a Malacologist (sea shell expert!).

Date: Friday, 22nd May, 8pm (THATS TONIGHT!)
Venue: iCentre Blk B28, Spg 32-37, Angerek Desa

See ya there!!!


Gambar selingan… Pic taken during lunch at the HC’s pad. Thank you Your Excellency for the lovely lunch in the company of some great folks and truly engaging conversation.


In an effort to support the Brunei Vision 2035 of creating a platform of excellence in human capital, The Firm has launched its very own training academy. The soft launching of the ICT Leadership and Management Academy (ILM Academy for short) has given a new boost for the nation’s Human Capital Development, The Firm said in a statement to the press.


"It will undoubtedly create a new platform for excellence in the enhancement of human resources especially in the ICT industry," the statement read.


The launch coincided with the recent World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, observed annually on May 17.

The ILM Academy has included in its vision the goal of delivering quality ICT learning and human capital development to support rapid skills development for improved business performance.


In achieving this vision, the academy also hopes to enable higher quality teaching, learning, and research methods to support Brunei’s 2035 Vision of creating a platform of excellence in human capital.


Furthermore, the academy also provides courses for individuals with special needs, such as the visually impaired. Special Education Unit officer, Noralizulrainee Ali Yusop, also showcased the utilisation of software specifically designed to assist visually impaired users to perform assorted tasks on their computers. The academy, plans to conduct classes for the visually impaired to undergo training using the software.



With an array of comprehensive modules that include technical and entrepreneurial ICT training, the academy aims to ultimately encourage the growth of ICT technology in improving the level of literacy for both individual and organisational purposes.

With ILM Academy’s programmes that are attuned to the organisational and market needs, Telbru believes that it will undoubtedly help in developing the much sought-after skilled labour the country needs.


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  1. Patut th nda ku mendangar laptop nya becakap c Norali ah… panya ada jemputan ia.
    Hmmm the Big Boss pun ada panya… lol..
    Norali is very good with computers n gadgets … 🙂 He even give free course to the VI students at the Unit.

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