Lok Lok and Apam Balik Anyone?

Last night, fellow foodies and I checked out the buffet at the OGH. The Penang Hawker Food Promotion is happening at the Orchid Garden Hotel till this Sunday 14th June. If you haven’t tried it, its well worth trying! Especially for the  lovely Lok Lok, and the superb apam-balik, which  was, in DJ Hani’s words, “NYAMAN!”

What Penang Food Promo would be complete without Nasi Kandar?



The Lok Lok Station



The Penang Mamak Soup complete with ox tripe, tongue, and tendon… SYOK!

The LETHAL sambal combo!

The Rojak Buah was very nice and the gravy was not overpowering




I HEART this Station

I wish there was a camera that could capture smell!


Author: Reedz

3 thoughts on “Lok Lok and Apam Balik Anyone?

  1. well, i have never been to penang or tried the food there b4, but if penang food is as good as the food in the penang hawker food promotion, one thing for sure,.. i won't bother going 2 penang or trying out their food… lets just say, the food there was disappointing, limited and.. i am speechless.. also, i believe their advert says that there is "poh piah to kuey they, kebab to etcetc… " i don't rmb there serving the 1st 3 food … mayb i have weird taste.. perhaps u guys can go ahead and try it out n judge by urself… good luck!!

  2. i'm not sure whether have you all been to penang and try out the hawker food there. if i was to give it a score out of 10 it'll be 3/10. 3 NOT cause of the penang food. 3 for the mash potato, apom balik and the pumpkin soup. if that's penang hawker food then i guess penang won't be known as 'pearl of the orient' d. talking about the lok lok, my goodness, the lady finger is so 'old' and the variety is so little. and wat is penang hawker food without the infamous penang laksa and the hokkien prawn mee?? next on to the rojak, i would strongly recommend you all to try the rojak at gurney drive in penang.

  3. There's no Penang Laksa? Aww I love Penang Laksa..so, save my trip there then since there's no Penang Laksa..

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