A G1, an N97, and an iPhone 3GS walk into a room…

Since getting the HTC G1 Android Phone, I’ve been comparing it with the likes of the Nokia N97 and most recently the iPhone 3GS with interesting results. Here are the pics:

Widgets on N97? G1 oso got

QWERTY on N97? G1 oso got

Which Dialpad more sexy?

G1 loaded App Marketplace oredi… N97 still waiting…

iPhone vely sexy oh?

The autofocus feature on iPhone vely cool lar

Still like the hard buttons on the bottom of G1

and the QWERTY of course…

Compass ah? Both oso got mah… It was funny to see the compasses go haywire next to each other hahaha!

E71 looking a tad dated here…

32GB built in? Niiiice… But it doesn’t make espresso 😉

*Note: This is meant as a TGIF light hearted post and not a hardcore comparison by any means ah. So iPhone and N97 owners pls don’t come and flame me ah!

Author: Reedz

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  1. Waiting patiently for the iPhone 4G to come out so it can come play with the Android gang 🙂

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