The Rizqun Coffee House Chef’s Night Buffet

Happy 4th July to all my American friends!
More importantly of course, 4th July is when I celebrate by wedding anniversary 🙂

This promo is going on until Juy 15th. Great stuff including specialties from all the chefs like Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, and Malay food. At under 25 bucks, this is one value-for-money meal! Make yr reservations by calling 2423000 Ext 7811



Our table

Roast chicken with mushrooms

Fish n Chips and Taco Station

Fried Dimsum

Cha tao koay


Cookie Monster getting a shot for his site

This Udon was easily the star of the night!

Healthy appetizers

Lamb and vegetable soup. Very hearty!

And a capuccino to close?


Author: Reedz