Happy half year anniversary Dream Charters!

by Reedz on July 12, 2009

Dream Charters celebrated its 6th month anniversary recently with a small event at Sungai Bunga jetty where customers were presented with Sailing in Brunei t-shirts. Present as guest of honour was Deputy Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, Dato Paduka Haji Hamdillah. Also present was Director of Tourism Sheikh Jamaluddin. Guests at the event were taken on a quick cruise along Sungai Bunga. Congratulation Peter and Aideen! Keep up the good fight!

Interesting excerpt from BT:

Sailing in Brunei is one of the 10 must do packages in Brunei. First mate Aideen states the reasons why:

  1. They are a professional team, dependable and reliable. It is a small business so service is at a very personal level.
  2. The sailing packages are offered at a very reasonable prices.
  3. Sailing in Brunei has a 100 per cent safety record with safety equipment onboard such as lifejackets, liferaft, EPIRB, radios, etc. The Brunei waters are some of the safest waters in the world to sail in so it is relaxing and safe.
  4. You get to see a side of Brunei that most people haven’t had the opportunity to see. Guests are amazed at how beautiful and different Brunei looks from the water.
  5. You have the opportunity to experience offshore sailing on a very safe sea going vessel. Sailing in Brunei offers two day, one night packages to Labuan which goes via Kuraman Island. They also offer day trips to Kuraman Island.
  6. It’s a very healthy way to spend a few hours. Not only is it an active pastime but you are outside in the fresh air away from the air conditioning and amongst the beautiful nature that Brunei and the island of Borneo has to offer.
  7. You get a fantastic chance to find out how it feels to sail an ocean going yacht. When you come sailing with Dream Charters, Captain Peter is only happy to let you sail the yacht with full sail up. He will also teach you some navigation skills upon request.
  8. It’s an excellent way to relax after a hard day at the office. Leave the office politics and the mobile phone behind on the jetty and come sailing or just relax on the deck of Sailing Vessel Petima.
  9. Where else can you experience exclusive fine dining on water? If fine dining is not to your taste then you can also enjoy a more relaxed eating environment. Sailing in Brunei also provides lunch with buffet options.
  10. You get to see the fantastic Brunei sunset from the deck of a luxury yacht.

Festive balloons at the Sungai Bunga jetty


Bandira ni namanya

YOU da man!



Peter being interviewed by RTB






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