Looking for beads and bling?

Yesterday I dropped by newly opened Beads Art Enterprise which is located at the block of shops just behind Concepts Computer in Kiulap. The store specializes in beads and all sorts of bling which are a necessity for modern baju kurongs and increasingly the modern tudongs worn by the ladies these days.

Also on offer are various bling accessories for everything from mobile phones to cameras to laptops. I was in awe of the endless possibilities! For those who would like to bling up their gadgets like Xiaxue did to her Lumix LX-3, this is the place to go!

Soon they will be offering lessons on beading which I think many will find interesting. Call 2233133 for more info or email [email protected]

Large collection of sew on beads for baju kurongs

Nice amber beads.. I loike


I wanna get these for my car heheh!

Sample blinged up Nokia

Another blinged Nokia

Various sample designs available

Its like a cult in Japan!

Bisai ah?

How bout a blinged up namecard holder?

Damissus discussing latest tudong trends with Annie


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