Hunting Treasure Hunters

Bandar Seri Begawan – Dubbed the most anticipated social-motoring event of the year, the 13th NBT Treasure Hunt flagged off from the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas at 6.30 am yesterday.

Themed ‘Pirates of the ‘Car ribean,’ the challenge saw 800 participants or ‘pirates’ travelling to destinations that included the capital, Bukit Shahbandar and Muara Beach.

Solving riddles along the way, the pirates had to complete four challenges at the two designated areas. At Muara Beach they had to take on the ‘Captain Hook’s Challenge’ and ‘Ho Ho Ho Bottle of Grog Challenge,’ while at Bukit Shahbandar, they were faced with the ‘Walk the Plank Challenge’ and ‘Pirates of the Carribean Picture Challenge.’

With treasures in hand, the pirates headed to the final checkpoint at NBT before making their way to the prize presentation ceremony at the Manggis Ballroom.

In light of the current H1N1 situation, participants and staff were screened before being allowed into the ballroom. Hand sanitisers and facemasks were also made available.

The winners with their prizes. Much more at snrpablo’s site.

The overall champion was Car # 38, led by Muhammad Rudian Muhammad along with team members Paris Bakthiar Andry, Chin Sin Yuan and Michael Lee Loi Fatt, who walked away with a 3D/2N trip to Auckland.

Second place was taken by Car # 36 led by Lim Swee Gee, with team mates Lim Sheena, Lim Shinling and Ricky Lim Jin Lee, who won a 3D/2N trip to Perth. Meanwhile, third place was won by Car # 23 led by Kelvin Chen Chen Yew, with Lim Sha Lun, Peng Pei Yee and Bong Ming Wey, who won a 3D/2N trip to Hong Kong.

NBT Managing Director Ninan Chacko presented the prizes to the top three winning teams.

While waiting for the results, the pirates engaged in novelty games that included the Musical Islands, Pirates Tribute to Michael Jackson Dance Off, and an impromptu mini Treasure Hunt.

"I am really pleased with the outstanding support for our treasure hunts over the years. It’s really nice to see such a big turnout today," Ninan Chacko said at the conclusion of the event.

When asked about his secret formula to the highly successful NBT Treasure Hunt, he said, "Without giving away too many secrets, it all boils down to our determination to prepare and present nothing but the best for our customers. We simply do not do things by halves.

"We have put in a lot of effort, groundwork and teamwork to achieve today’s success, and I am very happy to see all the smiling faces here. This tells me that we have done very well today," he added.

"I am particularly pleased with how our staff managed the temperature screening of all participants and NBT staff. NBT is very concerned about the current H1N1 pandemic, but with thermoscans, face masks and sanitiser handwash liquids freely available, I trust we have minimised the health risks. I must thank the participants for their cooperation throughout this event," he added.

The challenges allowed for team building and the pirates said that much fun was to be had despite the complexity of the challenges. — Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin



Author: Reedz