Seri Siap Siaga Cleans up at Jerudong Beach

A lovely birthday greeting for His Majesty from floweret, a SSS alumni:

I am only but one voice that speaks out for my country. There are other more patriotic ones out there. But personally, I’d thank His Majesty, for his utter kindness and care for he keeps everything in check – our country’s welfare, security, wealth. If you think you’re stressed out with your normal routine and errands, I’d say you have no idea how much our Sultan has to go through every single day. Thus,  I thank him too for his leadership, for he set a significant example for his people, and for me.

If there is a gift that I could give him, if there is a gift WE could give him, it’ll be the promise that we hold for him to always allow ourselves to strive to make our country a better advanced country, to make him proud, to make us proud, to make the country proud.

Last weekend, students from Seri Siap Siaga School aka “Yellow Bootcamp” together with the infamous Cikgu Mansor aka Brother Choy organized a beach cleanup campaign at Jerudong beach.

I dropped by to get some pics and to meet the man himself. Turns out he’s an old friend of dad’s. It was nice to finally meet you Cikgu Mansor, albeit briefly. You’re doing a great job in helping our fellow Bruneians upgrade to “Yellow”. Jan, it was nice to catch up with you as well!

Chicken Wing aka Kisich

My girls were there too 🙂


“Go Green – Save The Earth”

Mr Shim

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