Professional and social photographers finally have a platform which will allow them to showcase their photos, and earn money from it. Expansys Technologies, an incubatee company from the iCenter, has developed a virtual avenue for photographers. YouGotSnapped is the first locally developed application for Facebook, those of you who follow the blog, would have already heard about the application’s launch at the B-mobile Loyalty Club launch that took place in The Mall last month.

What makes this application different from other applications, is that it gives everyone a chance to put a value on their photos, by selling them. Many of you are thinking that they could just ‘right click’, ‘copy’ and ‘save’ the photos for printing, I’m sure that most of us who have done that, know that the photos will not save in its original resolution. YouGotSnapped eliminates that problem by allowing the ‘seller’ to upload the full resolution pictures, and with the click of a button, the buyer can use his credit card or PayPal account to buy it instantly!

Two weeks after its official launch, YouGotSnapped "snapped" up over 2,000 users, 10 per cent of Brunei’s total Facebook population. Keeran Janin, developer of YouGotSnapped, says that his eyes are not just set on the local market and will soon hit international countries soon, but enough of all this, no amount of words can truly describe something this simple. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, it could be worth a thousand dollars.

Unlike other photo sharing websites, YouGotSnapped saves the original photo onto an external server for customers and users of the application gets to upload their photos for free! Professional photographers and companies will find this application extremely useful for two reasons, firstly because now they are able to have a platform that easily allows them to sell their photos instantly and globally; and second, because the application is connected to the world’s largest social networking website, a website that has over 200 million people registered.

Just search for ‘YouGotSnapped’ in the search bar on your Facebook account and add the application, or log on to for more information.


Author: Reedz