Fancy some Cottage Grills?


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If you’re looking for a cosy place to have a nice western fusion meal of grilled meats and seafood, Cottage Grills, located above Sweet n Savoury Cafe in Beribi/Gadong might just be the place for you. Couple of nights ago, damissus and I dropped in to try out some of the dishes available there. Overall a nice home cooked european meal with touches of asian flavour. Here’s what we had:


I ordered Carrot n onion soup was tasty but not overpowering. Damissus ordered Pumpkin Seafood soup which was brilliant!  You could taste the scallops and prawns which were blended into the soup.

Grilled seafood skewers. Chix n beef skewers (teriyaki sauce). Beef very tender cube roll. Scallop nice and flavorsome.

Cade is an up and coming brand of sparkling fruit juice which went very well with the meal

Fruit tea with the juice balls… nice!

Mango seafood salad with squid prawns and scallops

Salmon steak and teriyaki sauce is served with tropical salad and some really, really good fries and a refreshing tropical salad with cherry tomatoes

Grilled quail. Tasty little treat.

Grilled Lamb Shank… yummmzzz


Ribeye steak served with the same tropical salad with black pepper sauce. Medium rare tender juicy with pink inside.

For dessert, Hap tau sow style chinese cookies. Classic! 😀

The happy camper


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  1. I really love the lamb chop here with the Cade Grape sparkling fruit juice. Nyaman.. ada kick!

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