British High Commission in Brunei embraces Web 2.0

It’s very heartening indeed to note that more and more governments around the world are seeing the importance of the web, especially web 2.0 related technologies such as social networking sites and blogs, as a tool to engage its citizens and other stakeholders. As I said in a recent interview, its all about harnessing collective intelligence, and leveraging on the network as the platform for this.

Sadly however, there are those in government who would rather maintain the traditional methods of citizen engagement, thus maintaining control over their perceived power. Matter of time I say…

Anyway, congratulations to the British High Commission on the official launch of their FACEBOOK page, which was developed by one of the leading iCentre incubatees, Expansys Technologies.

From the Borneo Bulletin:

Taking another big step into the digital world, the British High Commission yesterday launched its own fan page on Facebook, joining some 19,000 Brunei users on the largest, most popular social-networking scene.

Held at the iCentre in Berakas, the launch was officiated by British High Commissioner John Saville, who in his speech said, "The reason the British High Commission launched its own Facebook fan site is so that it will serve as a medium among users to share events, photos and videos, as well as to the inform the public about the services offered by the High Commission.

The whole event was organised by YouGotSnapped, with collaboration from the British High Commission and support from the Brunei Economic Development Board.

The High Commission’s fan page was created with the help of Expansys Technologies.

The day also saw the presentation of prizes to the three winning groups of the YouGotSnapped competition.

Cuties from Group 51


Keeran making his opening address

Check out the photobomber in the background

Seeing double?


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