To Sell or Not to Sell…

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Zul: i was at coffeezone last saturday nite when a child of age 8 below came up to us offering some “kacang”.. I find it disturbing.. Why are the authority not doing anything about this?

doubletrouble: ZUL:…why was this disturbing to you if i may ask….is it local kids or outsiders?

Reedz: Zul: yes I have observed this phenomenon too and we can see it two ways. Stay tuned for my post on this issue :)

zarah: Zul: I dont think its that disturbing. At least they are not selling drugs. There are unfortunate people out there who need to earn in any way they can. Not all know how to open business according to procedures. Its just the same like those people selling at stalls. Sometimes, we just have to loosen up a bit to make way or help others.

zarah: They are also officers or staff selling stuff around the office. Some even ask the lower rank to go round for them with their business..ranging from kain, tudung, shoes, bags to nasi lemak, chocolate cakes,vegetables, sambal, belacan..well the list goes on and on..WHY AUTHORITIES OR THEIR BOSSES NOT DOING ANYTHING??

doubletrouble: hmm…maybe the BRUNEIANS shud ask HUA HO on how on how to do business in Brunei. or maybe ask the Philipinos on how to open a Hair Salon or Bakery Shop…or ask Indians on how to open Grocery Shop….only ask the malays on how to open stalls at Pasar Malam,…

doubletrouble: ZARAH: totally agree with you…these people might be working hard and also dream to have a taste of the foods pictured in this blog…i respect this kids! least they are not being fed with their parents credit card or money to live life…

HBK: Nya org daie mecuie baik the menchaie…. kanak2 jual kacang pun…. mun kan bali2 mun nda sudah … Why anak melayu kalau buka bisnis lingkup… neh org2 sendiri yg punya hal…. daulu nya mulah nini c jing kok atu jual kai mantuka ganya … apa ni door to door.. kwang3 nah udah ani berapa banyak kadainya… mana basia mengucap mengacau… lain bah org biasa sanang ani… BASAR/MULIA DAH KAH!!!!!!!! HINA TH TU JUAL KACANG AH!!!!!!!!!!

Amal: Dear all, i think what Zul meant was these children were selling even up to nightime. I was approached several times and it was always around 8pm to 9pm.I am proud that they are working hard to earn money, what I am worried is that the time. These kids were actually around the age or 8-10 and should be resting and studying at night since they are afterall schooling during the day.I am worried of their health and well-being. I am sure that is what Zul is worried about.

Amal: Perhaps what he means by the authorities checking into this. Maybe can help find out the background of the family thus providing them with better means since they must be going through hardships if the children are selling goodies even til nightime. Sad to see why people get angry and make the subject longer by bringing something else to the subject. The word Disturbing has its degree of meaning to the person who is using. Lets find out what he means

firstzarah: Well, everyone is speculating on that issue of kids selling kacang here, including you – Amal. As you pointed out, yes maybe that is one way of guessing / interpreting the word ‘disturbing’ mentioned earlier. Your point is another perspective of the matter. No need to be ‘sad’ about it- as what you said in your comment.

Kim: i’ve seen these little kids and from what i can see, they really are ‘forced’ to do the selling by their brothers/sisters/parents. My sister actually stopped one of them and asked mana parents nya. They said dirumah. My sister was observant enough to see two young teenagers following them around which were the 7-8 yr old kids brothers. … What really upset my sis was that these two abang’s were forcing their younger sibling to do all the work, on a school night at around 10pm….they should of actually been at home doing their homework!

Nora W: dat’s rite i’ve seen them jua d batu satu ada, digadong, q-lap n makin banyak… yg pernah ku liat below 5 yrs old pun ada ikut2 kaka or bro nya dari blakang mbawa brg jualan jua… pity them malam2 kuar bejual n for sure balik umah exhausted… will they have time to do their h/work kan tu n my main concern bilatah masa durang kan berehat?? kesian kan… mana tia authority2 di brunei ani mustahil jua inda pernah kejumpahan kanak2 bedagang ani.. they shud do sumthing lah… pleaase!!!!

Peach A: me also pnah selalu tjumpa..bukan lg bjual but mnta duit utk bali mknan at pertama jerudong

Khairul Jaafari: it’s child labour! should not be encouraged..

WyNz: hem…for me ksian f suruh anak2.why dun encourage da parent yg buat.

Wyna: Terrible! They used to come into the restaurant too and we told them nicely to leave but the father came in and gave the staff a scolding.. adakah??? Something should be done about these rude and irresponsible parents..

Bambang: Depend on their age. Above 14yrs should be ok. Not below. Entrepreneurship should be encourage at any age…… Who are we to judge them??? They are finding rezki HALAL, they are not Stealing or Begging. When they don’t have enough to eat, are u there to witness it? Do you support them? Maybe their parents are out of job or something? Get the REAL picture first before label them as what u are labeling now!!! They may not be as comfortable or affordable as you. Cut them some slack……

Jessica Lee: bad, if the parents are not working and not even sending off the kids to school, Good if the parents want the kids to learn something out of it…

Bambang: Maybe they want to be independent and not be a burden to charities, welfare groups or govt agencies, if any….. They choose how to lead their life as you choose yours. Are you treating your kids better then them? maybe their kids are closer to them and want to help out. Don’t judge the book by its cover. Its easy to judge others, before looking at yourself first. Put yourself in their shoes. what will you do?

Carol Ong: i’ve seen the guardians (not sure if they are parents) of these kids in qlap once.. they look mid30s… well abled bodied… it’s a pity they have to resort to such means but perhaps they are really in need of extra monetary help

Bambang: ask the authorities to check on them, maybe they are syndicate or they are genuine case. Only Authorities can decide on their authenticates or cause….

Wyna: Something should be set up for those people who cannot find jobs or the relevant authorities should give them some direction as to how to solve this problem I think. I pity the children but if the parents were sincere in looking for rezeki halal they should not push their young children to do it but do it themselves. Instead if the children dont make any sale the parents will scold them or scold the other people. They use their children coz they know we will take pity on them. This is wrong and should not at all be encouraged. Wallah waklam

Keng Soon: I would like to correct my point, Bambang is not wrong. However the issue isn’t about the kids. If the family is poor and they are working to make a leaving, then it is something ‘good’ However, in this case, most who see these incident believe that the kids are being exploited. The guardian are using the kids to exploit the sympathy of the general public.

Bambang: Get your grassroots leader involve in this situation. as like i said earlier, they may be syndicate involvement, using children as pawn for their livelihood. Alert the relevant authorities…..

Zulasmin Noor: There’s nothing good or bad about this. Its how you perceive it. Don’t compare your lives with these people and do not give them solutions based on your everyday life. You will never know and understand what they go through.You want to give them a better life? Support them yourself and if you can’t, gather community support and see how that takes off. Don’t wait for the government and do not pity them..”kesian” is a word we often use because its safe. We say that becoz we’re humans, what comes after that, thats where god will define whether its a good or bad deed. Don’t wait for the government either, they’re just too busy and they need assistance in things like these. So you still want to make a difference?

Bambang: Zulasmin, your spot on…… But Govt or grassroots must be involve as it is their duty for the citizen upkept, welfare and well being….

Fadilah Ahmad Alhijazi: Child labour? NO! Selling in restaurants? NO! There are designated places to run businesses and hygiene to observe.

Doty N Gman: actually, there r akta yg menyatakan kanak2 ani nda boleh digunakan or dipakai untuk tujuan tertentu, melihat dr sudut positif memang kanak2 inda salah, yang salah ialah when parents/penjaga yg “force” these children utk berjaja smpi larut mlm, dtempat yg tidak selamat (bnyk witness nampak they berkeliaran di tmpt sunyi eg parking etc and merentas jalan raya smpi ada yg hampir telanggar) and tidak memerhatikan keselamatan mereka. They ada hak utk belajar, bermain & berehat. They can help their parent if tempatnya bersesuaian, ada org yg memata2i & masa yg bersesuaian jua. Dari common sense mun kitani trfikir, mana parentsnya? why bukan them yg berjaja? why suruh kanak2? jawapannya mestilah untuk curi market labih, org kesian, kana bagi sedakah etc.. this is wrong!!!

Zulasmin Noor: Wow! I didn’t know this would bring such a big uproar. First things first, i want to know, why people like to say kesian without even lending a hand. I guess its just easy to say it but in reality, thoughts of “will i be losing anything while helping out?” comes into mind. Secondly, Do you think you can change the plight of this 8yr old and his family?In most cases, the answer to both questions will be no. Kesian is a word which is very often used, but do we really mean it? If we were to help this kid out, what will happen to the rest of the family? One thing coming to mind, “extortion”!! Imagine this, the little one goes out with the brothers, the little one gets lots of money because everyone “kesian” him. This makes him a victim of extortion, firstly from the brothers and then from the family, we actually make his life a little bit harder because of our pity towards him. Now he’s more in a delima when he first started. While, we are feeling good because we just helped an 8yr kid while the kid is probably worried now on how to keep his riches.Anyhow, to sum it up, if we need to help out, lets make it big and official so its worth the time for everyone, especially the unfortunate. We don’t have to wait for the government to help these poor souls out, we as a community can do it if we can AGREE to anything. I’m sure theres a lot of good souls out there to help out 🙂 Insyallah…….you may leave a legacy of your own while doing a good deed, which may count big time on your good deeds list.Remeber, helping out these kids with handouts will only help them temporarily. So if you do really give some s*it about these kids, make sure you’re really prepared to help the whole family, otherwise please refrain from using the word kesian because not everyone has the same fortune as us and these people exist becuase they have to play a role in the world, as how Allah has instructed them to.

Doty N Gman: And i dpt makluman, these families yg anak2 mereka berjaja atu sudah disiasat & pihak berkenaan ada sudah details mereka & these families ada menerima bantuan sudah.. so its clear yg this is about attitude, dgr cerita.. its turun temurun dari neneknya sudah buat cani, now anak then cucu.. kitani usahakanlah supaya ia inda berpusing2 lagi smpi cicitnya..

Zulasmin Noor: Very informative Doty. My question though, adakah attitude ataupun andang kehidupan dorg susah?

Doty N Gman: its my pandangan sja coz since they received bantuan sudah & keselamatan their children inda terjamin.. well.. hard to say mana yg banar.. so its true, lets help them anyway we can.. jgn bagi ikan but bagi kail (Brunei translation) 🙂

Zulasmin Noor: 🙂 thats correct. I have a feeling, org2 kitani treating this issue mcm house pets. Bagi makanan sedikit, ok tia tu bah. In these kids case, just give them some pocket money and they should be alrite. Mean of me to compare them with house pets? Think about it……The plight of these people is “desperation”, making ends meet by way of any means to…not earn a living…but to have what everyone else have in Brunei. And that is to have fun, spend lavishly, be famous and be arrogant. Thats the sad part.My personal take on this, we do not need to feel kesian or obliged to give them a helping hand. The thought of being kesian will quickly turn ugly if you know what the real story of the family, and you might just end up being a hater.Just help out where your heart lies but please please do not support these kids as you will fuel the parents into being greedy and fuel the kids to work extra hard.

Nor Edzaidah Haris: In this world we must help one another – Jean de La FontaineEmma Rose: duit zakat atu boleh jua bagi sikit arah drg kali 🙂

Ying Fei: I blogged this topic some time ago 🙂 Still the same, huh? I’m actually concerned about the children’s safety – they are left to cross big roads unsupervised, and it’s gets really dark at night particularly in the Kiulap area.Also, in response to someone here saying the family may need the money: then why are the parents lurking about only to pounce on people who ask their kids to leave? Surely it is easier for an adult to arrange something less dodgy such as asking for a shopkeeper’s permission or going in him/herself. The children should be in bed at 10pm on a schoolnight, not cavorting around town in their pyjamas. I think the parents are just embarrassed to be seen in public hawking things, and for that reason… I guess they don’t need the money badly enough, do they?By the way, to those arguing that those with negative views on this situation should instead ask themselves if they would be willing to help – that would be a valid argument under different circumstances. The government has led the charity culture in Brunei for a long time and only recently people are organising their own drives – but then the funds raised are often still meant for these government-founded charities. Private charities like SMARTER and Animal Shelter are still fairly new ideas, and they will surely agree it was a tough fight for their cause. It’s not easy for a private group to legitimately offer help to those in need, just because they’ve identified a cause. Bambang actually contradicts himself by saying that it is up to the authorities to decide who needs what, and then finding Zul’s views of “do it yourself” and “don’t wait for the government”, and later ” spot on. Get it together, man.What’s really wrong is the environment for forming charities in Brunei. People should stop turning to the government for help and instead look to their neighbours – and the government should really start making it easier for this to happen.

Bambang: Ying Fei, where did I contradict myself by saying that it is up to the authorities to decide who needs what?Brunei has a small population, it is easier to managed, why is this is such a big deal…. Other countries have bigger issues than this.Are you all sure that those are bruneians and not foreigners?

Ying Fei: @Bambang: “Only Authorities can decide on their authenticates or cause….” “Zulasmin, your spot on……” = considering context of both, contradiction. This is a pretty linear argument.And what you pointed out about Brunei having a small population which should be manageable – this is an obvious theory anyone can point out, but it doesn’t hold true. Why? Maybe because Brunei can’t see the cumulative effect of a number of problems and social by-products such as this one.Are you asking me if these kids are Bruneians and not foreigners? They _are_ Bruneians. I’ve approached some of them at various locations, and the other commenters should be able to verify this. Foreigners who can afford to have their children over will never need to subject them to this. You could have answered that question yourself.I’d like to add one more point which just occurred to me as well. My dad was a member of one of those international charities which had a branch in Brunei, eg Rotary Club. Granted it was a good way for people of certain classes to network, but they also did try to give back to the community. Sadly, I have more memories of visiting neighbouring countries with them to provide community aid, such as donating food, clothing and school equipment and refurbishing old schools, than being able to do the same in Brunei. It was just easier to give across the border than at home. That could be your problem right there.

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  1. i've seen them also. i used to hangout jua aroung gadong and qlap. the saddest thing is… ada lagi yg inda tau cemana kira tu. hari tu aku bali lah saja about $3 pasal kesian ah. sekali i gave $10, supposed to be the change jadi $7 jua tu. but lari tia. tarus saja cakap arah abangnya. "inda papa lai, sedakah tu" =) pity right? i think the parents nada berhati + perut about this matter.

  2. Owh yeah I've across this kids…at the mall they're selling something round chezzbox rest. If am not mistaken it was quiet late around 9 PM where this kids should have been at home sleeping and get ready to school…the authority should do something …so pity to this kids…

  3. I was eating arah Ice Cafe the other day and I saw the same thing. I think it isn't the right thing to do, using kids to get the pity of the people and in return buying the items. But I think half the time there is more to this than what it is.

    I have 'sources' claiming that the items they are selling, are not even things they cook at home but the things they buy at the gerai. They are always accompanied by an older brother, who watches from around the corner, thinking we can't see them. Half the time, people don't even buy the items they are selling and just give them sedekah, sometimes $1, sometimes $5. You know what? I can confirm that these sedekah they get from us, do not go into their pockets, but the pockets of their brothers hiding in the corners. I've seen them giving sedekah money countless number of times. Infact, they are expecting that. Hence why half the time, they don't carry much stuff in their bags. If they try to keep the money, their brothers will search their pockets, which is what they eventually do anyways, just to make sure these kids do not keep the money to themselves. If not, they get beaten.

    It used to be an honest business, but people eventually manage to twist it for their own benefit. Maybe the Govt should consider investigating all this.

  4. Yeah i agree 100% with you Han151. kesian bah kanak2 di buat cematu. kanak2 ani d suruh skulah belajar and all for future!!

  5. I also have encountered with this 3 poor kids, im really upset with their looks and believe it or not…its not only in Gadong nor Kiulap you can see them but also as far as Sengkurong, Jerudong and Tutong…the same kids wandering around with big bags containing packets of peanuts and crisps, someone should take a serious measure about this hence they are too young to do this, i met them few days ago in Sengkurong at around quarter to eleven in the evening…for god's sake….arent they shud be home and sleep by that time. Looking at their eyes, they are absolutely knackered, i wonder how they travelled such long distant, i tried to look around what mode of transport they have but i can see any car picking up them,wake up to the relevant authorities, they still numbers of poor and needy people in Brunei…there were hundreds of them outside there….

  6. I wish to offer a few of my own views on this issue. Firstly, from a business point of view, using children is a good marketing strategy as they can get public sympathy and indirectly coerced the public to buy from them. This is a strategy not too dissimilar to getting goodlooking and tightwearing dress waitresses to attract male patrons to some restaurants or cafes. Imagine, if the 30/40 years old parents were to sell these kacang/keropok, would the public buy for them? They would probably not be allowed in the restaurants or cafes in the first place. Secondly, the syndicate theory.I could not for the life of me imagine that any syndicate would be interested in this business. As one reader commented, the products are probably being bought at a wholesale price or being made by the parents themselves and the profit from a sale of $1 per packet will not make anyone rich!! Most of us probably have 50c lying around our dressing or study tables at home but, this is what they probably earned by going around. There are probably, many of them going around because of others copycatting the pioneers in the business similar to what Robert Kiyosaki's advocate in his best selling books and what Network 21 is doing with the Amway business. So, assuming that they are not involved in a syndicate, they are probably really poor to force them to resort to this kind of business

  7. I also encountered the same thing. I was in McDonald the other night and a girl approaches us offering Peanuts, but i politely said no. But my friend on the other hand, hand in $5 and didnt want to take the Peanuts. I was furious of what he just did. After the girl left, i told my friend that what he did was wrong! The girl was doing a decent business(which i thought was wrong for a child to do so). Although that was nice of him to hand her a money, but she is not a beggar! He shouldve instead took the Peanuts! After we went out from McD, we saw that the little girl were accompanied by her 2 other siblings and her mom! They were all holding a basket full of peanuts while the mom was holding her purse! Now thats what i called disturbing! I believe a guardian should never put their underlings to labours while they just sit&watch their kids do the hardwork!

  8. Come on..who will buy from a 30 year old person?? and who would kesian them? kena cakapi tarus2 barangkali. For me,let them cari duit , if you dont want to buy..jangan pulang. In fact there are many things happening yang not all are rignt or according to procedures..macam 'Ali Baba'. Banyak jua org Ali Baba ani..mau terima usin saja, goyang lain yang buat keraja. Sometimes we are hypocrite. Im not perfect myself. Cermin diri sendir dulu, are all our actions correct and right? before we comment and make other people lives miserable.

  9. I agree completely with Jaafar!!! I mean what syndicate??for things being sold at $1? and yes..what about those business strategies by using pretty girls in tight pants to sell or promote stuff?

  10. i've been talking about this a lot with my parents. Sometimes if we encountered these kids we just gave them few dollars for sedekah. we didn't buy their goods. My mom usually will ask and interview these kids "inda kamu buat homework dirumah? "mana parents mu?" They usually said "bapaku sama mamaku drumah". and even "bapaku memancing".

    Oh my god don't their parents even care about their children? My mom said she has seen their father sending them and fetching them using Kijang. This matter must be brought up by some authorities. It's not just it's disturbing for the public but it's for the sake of these kids' future. If everyday they're doing direct-selling so when will they have the time to study and do their revision.

    Not only that, most of these kids wander around the shops like scavangers. I really feel pitty for them. Seriously. If they keep doing this, later they might be mischievous children. And believe it or not when i was in Serusop area, when this kid came to us my mother asked that child where does he live and he said in Sengkurong. Don't you think it is very far for his dad to send him form Sengkurong to Serusop just to sell few snacks that most people won't buy? Oh please do something to wake up their parents thoughts.

    Seriously, these kids need to get help before this matter getting more big. Their future are our future as well. If they are trained and educated in a proper way, later in the future they'll be our assets too. Remember that today's generation will brought up to tomorrow's generation.

  11. Some reader may also wonder why they do not open a proper business having a shop or a stall instead of peddling their goods using children. It is hard in Brunei to do business, the rent is higly prohibitive for small tarder to open a shop. When they installed a stall at the roadside , it will be torn down. And the present stalls that are provided either the quantity is not enough or the location is not right. By peddling, these unfortunate people can cut down the overhead costs by not having rental and other associated cost with having a place, after all their profits are really small. And as pointed by Zarah, they never forced you to buy and they are not beggars

  12. tergamak eh parent cni biarkan anak2 pintar bjual jual smpai mlm bkeliaran cri usin…sian bah….rawan hati mumy, mana g ckap nya pintar tu aproach urg in a polite way…..i hav a child. so i knw how does it fills like being susah as i was b4…baik ku usahakan yg lain dri menyusahkan anak sndiri. pbaik tah nda makan asal anak ku cukup makan and pakaian and yg seadanya.sangup ku scrifice untuk anak sndiri

    1. maybe just maybe, this is their last resort to feed their children. What would you suggest they do? As you said mumy nia, they approach people in a polite way…perhaps just perhaps, they are being taught to be polite by their parents…. just my 2 cents worth

  13. This happened in Gadong while i was having dinner with my hubby di La Mee Restaurant. A small boy approached us and said "Uncle mau beli keropok pisang?"..but we didn't…we politely said "No, thank you". I felt so pity with these kids who spend their night selling food, etc.., instead they should be at home. I'm just afraid ada sindiket yang menggunakan kanak2 for their sake….

    My husband's friend lagi tah, ia nada usin pacah ($1.00) kan beli keropok pisang atu. This small boy said ada…he went out of the shop and terus menghilang with the $10…

    Kalau akulah…if drg benar2 susah, i'd rather get them a sack of rice….but do you think they want the rice or the money?

    1. I think if they were to sell the food during the daytime, they wont be at school. I guess, night time is their only time to 'help' their parents selling food. For the fortunate children, how many of them sleep early for school tomorrow…many of them still watch television until late. Perhaps, these children are spending their time in a more resourceful way, assuming that they are 'helping' their parents sell these food.
      As for the syndicate theory, please see my comment above. Authorities need to find out, not investigate and find fault, but to help them find their way out of this situation. At least, they are not selling drugs or other prohibited items.
      Maybe, another way is to help them set up stall or giving them the necessary modal to start their own businesses. The last time I heard, there was a lot of zakat money that can be used for this purpose. Build a centre where all zakat receivers can start up their business using the zakat money…in this way, you dont only give fish to a hungry people but also means for him to fish and fend for themselves

  14. By the way Butterfly, did you offer them a sack of rice or you were just thinking and insinuating they they would choose money instead?

  15. I think that they should stop doing it, its child labor. No kid wants to have that kind of childhood. What the parents are making them do is wrong, I know their parents might not be successful, but its not right they should take it out on their kids. There are other ways to earn money and making your kids do it, I don't think is right. Nina, 11 years old. XOXO

  16. So cana mohon duit zakat? Pas tu iktiraf diri sendiri fakir miskin. 😆 . Mun aku baik th mencari dari mengitiraf diri sendiri fakir miskin.
    Someone say the authority do something? Someone say indung nya kana siasat? Kan pacah parut ku ketawa… baik jua nda keluar maggi kari ku makan ah.

    Dont say it attitude!!!
    Toleh kiri kana deh… Gaji yg diterima bulan2 cukup kah? Yg mampu nada tanggungan boleh lah.

    Mencuri market… kana bagi sedekah? wow baru jua kana sedakahi $2-$3. Yg amal mengunakan kanak2 specific kana dermakan 2-3 ribu nda salah ah… muskil jua ku tu? (opps my bad… derma mana sama dengan sedekah)

  17. forgive me if i sound harsh, but do u even see the stuff the kids are selling? no market-appeal bah. with all those packing yg kumuh, keropok thats half debris. you think theyre out selling those food for real? i think theyre out there to earn sympathy from ppl, cus org ketani jarang kan inda mengunjuki to these kids. its a scam. they want the sedekah, not the kerupuk bisnez.

    my 2 cents. ingin banar ku bejumpa indung nya ni.

  18. ok, untuk share sja ni, aku pernah teliat kanak2 keluar dari kereta APV d belakang TK gadong….and kanak2 ani membawa bakul i think dlm pukul 8 lalu, sekali bepusing ku lagi kanak2 ani bejual tia d dapan and pusing ku k belakang kereta APV atu jln sdh yang dlm kereta atu bapa mamanya pulang….ok, yang ku hairan indung nya ani tebali kereta baru yang ada loan, kira susah kh tu? bekaraja kn tu sudah bapa mamanya? aku kesian kanak2 atu masa malam nya untuk belajar and tidur awal untuk sekolah esuknya terganggu.

  19. Lets face the reality. They are resorting to this tactic becoz' they are few working choices left. Honestly, I will just buy and hope it will help them in a way or another although it looks menial in our mind. Noboby will be doing this for the sake of just doing it. We might be the lucky lots and it does not mean that the others are as lucky as we are. As long we are sincere with our intention then I think that itself is suffice.

  20. Doty N Gman quoted "Jangan Bagi Ikan, Bagi Kail"..
    I gave them beans, salts, pusu & cooking oil… they are selling "kacang goreng" now..

  21. Hi All, this is just the beginning… the grand finale will be coming soon, "The Hari Raya", There will be parents sending off their kids for the green "AngPow"…

  22. Bjual at2 nda salah p caranya at2 saja la x..Kanak2 bh 2…mun terjadi apa2 kana kidnap ka apa ..kana bawa lari ka apa.Jadi maslah tah lagi .F mau kn bjual pun jgn gunakn kanak2 ..Parents nya bh mencari,

  23. To Sell or Not to Sell?

    1. Selling is not wrong! .. but using the children are..

    2. I've been on the donating side, gave them $ without taking the goods, maybe they can sell to someone and get more money and help out with their finances. And I've been on the declining side — I thought to myself, am I actually making a difference? Helping? or am I making it worse, making them dependent on donations??

    3. We need to ask "why" this has to happen in the first place? And get to the root of the problem. True, maybe its a harmless reason, like their family come from sellers, their nini are sellers, desperately need money, but children under 10?? Child labour, .. human rights issue

  24. They were send by their parents evey night! they don't care wether the next day they have to go to school or not.. how can the parents let their chidlren to do stuff like this, so irresponsible and crule don't you think.. i ever saw the father drop them behind D'Arch parking lot using a van i think its Suzuki Mini Van.

  25. Its really sad to see things like this happening in our small "rich" country. I am totally against child labour. Kids should be kids and not be forced to carry out adult duties unless they willingly want to (which i doubt they would, as their natural instinct is to play). Without proper upbringing the child will soon miss out on being children and probably grow up like the late pop star who built his own Neverland ranch (a small child living in an adult's body).

    Other than that, I have seen a family that feeds their toddler "aing gula" instead of the usual milk just because they can't afford it. it was pretty sad to witness it. just think of all the nutrition that this little kid is missing. This lack of nourishment will probably stunt the child's proper development and kids like this usually lag behind in academics. I sure hope something will be done about this. And if there is i would be more than glad to help.

  26. Wiseman pernah berkata “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

    Assalamulaikum & Salam sejahtera,

    From my point of view, dorang kanak-kanak bejual-jual atu okie ajer, as long as their parents guide them in a right way, kitani inda tau how desparate they are. mungkin to some people yang begaji tinggi inda dapat merasakan apa yang bisdia rasa + bejual beli ani andang pekerjaan Nabi Muhammad SAW tapi bukan secara meminta-minta.

    Let me share something, as for me, masa me damit dulu, my parents pun suruh me and my other brother bejual-jual jalan-jalan di kampung, jual kerupuk, jual gula-gula, jual nasi bungkus and sebagainya, mula-mula sagan-sagan jua tapi sudah biasa imuntia and we enjoy it sangat-sangat. Tujuan my parents bukan apa. Ia mau kami belajar bedikiri start dari kami damit and socialize dangan orang2 kampung..

    Okie atu saja dulu yang kan me kongsikan 🙂 terima kasih daun keladi kerana sudi mambaca

    cheers & regards,

  27. iath parents knk2 ani nyanyat bh mcm untong bisnesnya udh.sbnrnya bukn ia kn bjualtu gnya kn mngabui mata org,tp mnta smpati org konon org ksian kna sdekahi.mcm2 ni cara org mnta duit ani bukn sja knk2 org dewasa pun ada konon kn balik naik bas,mbli kad kredit tia,walkaton dri rumh krumah,kn mbli smua nda ku mmbgi sl apa?dorg ani kbiasaan dh kna hulur duit kdg2 org bgi $5 – $10.mun dh 5 org sja mbgi mcmani lm sehari.mau jua lg haribrikutnya.jdinya hilang tia malunya atu.skolah blakng kira lalaikn tpinta pinta

  28. Everyone who bought from kids are making things WORSE!

    Let me explain. Demand and Supply. Why are the kids selling in the first place? Because there are actually people buying from them or in some cases, giving them money. If we really want to stop this, I think we should stop buying from the kids (also stop giving them money). When the kids find that they are not making any money (no demand), from the law of economics, supply will certainly decrease. So if you want to help the kids, please don't but their stuff. I know this sounds cruel but I am pretty sure they will not be selling at night again when everyone is ignoring them.

  29. please dont encourage them to sell! ketani meliat banar eh macam kesian memberi rawan hati, tapi kalau dipikirkan kenapa indungnya inda membuat apa2? ditanya siapa membawa kamu kemari lai? jawab dorang, tu abgku menunggu d kereta….tu bapaku menunggu d belakang…ok my point is kalau tah sekiranya kanak2 ani mengaga ketani d restaurant…kami 5 org and 3 org tah bersedakah $2 utk kanak2 atu, imagine kamu kalau dorang mengaga meja dari pukul 8malam sampai 12 tangah malam??? berapa banyak tu dorang dapat semalam?? bukan ku kan kurang ajar d sini ani but i gave some $$ jua sekali sekala arah dorang but kalau sudah dorang malar meminta atu kadang2 memberi sanak jua….hari2 minta inda lagi bapanya yg menunggu atu pakai kereta mercedes!! hehehe sorry kalau ada yg marah 🙂

  30. typing error – supposed to be "inda lagi lama bapanya yg menuggu atu pakai kereta mercedes!!"….ahhhh atu baru ia lururs!!!

  31. hhhhmmm if these people are really poor, maybe this is where the Zakat money from the millions of dollars should come in….

  32. Bersedekah biar lah diam2 jgn lah di gtau deh. Kanan memberi kiri tidak tahu.
    (Or andang nya dari nini, bapa, cucu n cicit selalu hebah2 kan kalau besedakah ani?) "aku minjam saja ni line ah"

    Nisbah 1:10 apa tu?

  33. aku rasa lurus tu. banyak lagi cara mencari rezeki ani, meliat kanak2 jaur2 bejual atu inda bisai pandangan ku. kesian kn durg atu ada jua, kesian kn mengenang keadaan negara brunei ada jua. krg, ramai mengikuti, bejuritan krg kanak2 bejual kacang d gadong ah. setiap pekara ani ada solusi nya. cemana payah pun, ada jalan nya..pebaik bapa mama nya keraja kadai kah apa jd sales assistant. atleast durg bekeraja, bukn harap kn anak durg yg damit masih atu bekeraja. ani tabalik ni.. 😡

  34. Assalamualaikum…If I'm not mistaken in Brunei there's a law in child protection….even kanak2 yg inda kana sekulah kan ulih parent nya bulih di dakwa…….inda salah kalau kan bebisness ani tapi kalau sudah jalan2 bejual keropok or yg sewaktu dengan nya sorang2 sampai malam for my point of view in terms of safety anak atu….anything bad can happen to the poor child… I urge the relevant authorities start to take action in this issue

  35. Compelling arguments all around. Though I am less incline to argue about it, I'm more of a mind to punish the parents. Charge them with reckless parenting/child abuse and take the kids into foster care or something. Anything will do. Just rescue the kids. I think there's a need to make an example out of them less more parents think they can get away with it.

    Having a small kid help you is one thing, it is another case altogether when these kids are wandering around town in the late hours.

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