Dui Malai ku… GAPLAH jua?

From Brunei Times:

AFTER 14 years of break from the Brunei literary scene, local cartoonist Malai Yunus Malai Yusof or better known in the comic world as Noh officially launched his latest work titled GAPLAH yesterday.

The ceremony was done by Hj Omar Hj Abd Rahman, the Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office at The Mall in Gadong.

Speaking on his latest work, Noh explained that through GAPLAH, he tried to tell the story of the everyday lives of the people in Brunei using funny, fictitious and imaginative cartoon characters.

He hoped that the public would accept GAPLAH as a humorous literary work that helped to add colour to the Brunei’s creative scene, in which to him was rather limited.

However, Malai Yunus added that he believed in due time the spaces will be filled by young, upcoming and talented writers and cartoonists.

He also expressed hope that Bruneians will continue to support the works of local artists and writers.

He said: "If we don’t then who will?"

A member of the Brunei Artist Association, Noh’s first work titled DOOI MALAI KU, was published in 1992.

The second work came out in 1994 titled MALAI KU SAYANG.

Noh’s third book, BAH MALAI KU, was published in 1995.

His latest comic GAPLAH, published 14 years later, contains 131 pages of cartoon sketches.

The comic book mostly features the everyday lives of the Bruneians as well as his own personal accounts, including his own experiences while studying at Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD).

The book is priced at $6 and during the launch, fans of Noh got to the chance have their copies personally autographed by the cartoonist.

The first 500 customers were given a free bag designed by Noh himself. GAPLAH will be available at the nearest book store soon. So, do not miss the chance to grab a copy.



Author: Reedz