A Legend is Reborn: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

by Reedz on August 7, 2009

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In conjunction with the launch of Canon’s latest DSLR, the high-tech EOS 5D Mark II, National Geographic photojournalist and Lightstalker, Kris LeBoutillier was in town to give a talk on photography at the Empire Hotel and Country Club in Jerudong yesterday. The talk was organised by Interhouse Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Canon products which includes digital and non-digital SLR cameras.

In his talk, Kris focused on mastering the basic technical skills and knowledge in photography, which according to him, will open up doors for photographers in Brunei to excel in their field. He also talked about the history of photography from analog to digital, showing the pros and cons of both formats of photography.

“Learn the secrets of the film era photographers that focused more on skills and art and not technology alone. Also learn the right ethics and attitudes regarding the use of cameras in photography,” he said.

“Knowing yourself the individual camera parts as well as its basic function, proper handling, care and safety is also important. One must also be familiar with the basic image capture technology either through CCD or CMOS as well as the different storage formats such as RAW, T1FF and JPEG. Know the different shooting formats such as the 35mm or full frame SLRs, as well as APS-sized DSLRs,” he added.














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