DOO’s Singapore National Day Weekend!

See you at Pusat Ehsan tomorrow folks!

Special message from DOO:

In conjunction with Singapore National Day 2009 – D’Other Office Cafe & Bistro would like to invite fellow Singaporean, customers, Bruneian friends and food lovers to come and visit us from Saturday 8th. August and Sunday 9th. August 2009 for our ALL YOU CAN EAT SINGAPORE CUISINES that will be launched by Singapore High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam at 4 pm on Saturday afternoon (08/08/09).

B$14.80 per person for our wide varieties of Singapore Culinaire inclusive of our Signature Dish like Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Rojak India, Sup Tulang Merah, Murtabak Singapura, Kueh Lopez J-Lo and selections of authentic Singapore Desserts like getuk-getuk ubi, Bubur Sum-Sum and others. JOM! – Join us and for RSVP Please Call Yacob Hussain at: 8674961

Yacob talking about DOO’s history

Tahu Goreng with delectable peanut sauce

Sop Ayam

House specialty Nasi Ambeng which is a meal for two

Singapore National Day Promo

Kueh J-Lo Lopez heheeh!

Reminds me of bakchang, but this is wrapped in banana leaf

Gourmet Hibiscus Tea to wash it all down

Tea pornography?


Author: Reedz

2 thoughts on “DOO’s Singapore National Day Weekend!

  1. bro, i called them tadi tengahari wanting to know where their location is:

    me: hello, is this the other office
    them: yes, this is the other office cafe n bistro
    me: oh, i'd like to have lunch at your cafe, where is the location?
    them: location? the other office……
    me: ???

    baik jua ada another lady helping out and guided me through heheh, though didn't end up there as the launching was at 4.

    1. Hahaha thats so cawie man!! Its like when little nina said "Daddy can we go to Kiulap Mall?" and I said "Dimana kan Kiulap Mall ani?" and she confidently answered, "Di Kiulap lah"… *toing*

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