24/7 Assist Sign Strategic Pact with RBA

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Pics taken yesterday at the airport where 24/7 Assist signed an agreement with Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA) to become a partner with their frequent flier programme, Royal Skies.

“Today’s signing ceremony is another milestone for 24/7 Assist” said Mr Ken Han, Managing Director of 24/7 Assist. “I believe in going beyond my customer’s expectations and our customers will benefit from this partnership. As they spend, they will earn Royal Skies miles – their dollar goes further than just the services they receive.”

Present at the signing ceremony are Senior Executives of Royal Brunei Airlines and directors, key team members and strategic partners of 24/7 Assist. At this signing, representing RBA is Captain Sheikh Rashid Sheikh Hj Abd Salam, Senior Vice President of Commercial – Yield and Planning, and representing 24/7 Assist is Pg Dato Paduka Hj Idris Ibni Almarhum Pg Temangong Pg Hj Mohammad, director of the company.

The ceremony began with a Doa Selamat to bless this new partnership followed by a speech from Mr Ken Han, Managing Director of 24/7 Assist. “No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big.”

This is 24/7 Assist 5th year in operation. On 1 April 2005, the company started with merely 2000 customers now after in the business for over 4 years, the company has grew it customer based to 60,000.

Mr Ken Han also expressed that the business started as a dream he had envisioned, emerged to become a reality. “This reality that came through was the establishment of PMK Support Services Sdn Bhd with our main product 24/7 Roadside Assist. I started this company because I strongly believed in helping people. I wanted and chose to be in this business because I knew in our day to day busy lives, wouldn’t it be better if someone could provide us a service to make our lives easier? Now 4 years later, we are just a phone-call away.”

signing agreement

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Exchange of agreement.


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Author: Reedz