2 thoughts on “Knick Knacks for Sale…

  1. Good observation by "Observer" on Brudirect regarding the emergency drill: .

    1. Better planning needed on closing the roads. For the Sheraton's exercise perhaps it would be better to close the roads at points further away e.g. not allowing cars to enter the main road at the SOAS/Pasar Ular Junction toward the large advertisement screen and redirecting them toward STPRI and for those using Jalan Kebangsaan (between SMJA and Tasek) toward Bandar be advised to make u-turn.

    2. Psychologically, the police personnel minding the road blocks and redirecting the traffic should avoid joking among themselves as if the exercise was a festival. Members of the public who were already trapped in the traffic jams, with hungry, thirsty school going children onboard etc, may not appreciate what is so funny about the situation.

    3. It was also annoying that some members of the public were stopping at the road block points to ask the busy police personnel what was happening. This caused the traffic to move even slower.

    4. Once an 'emergency' has been declared, why were radio announcements not made to advise people who were on the way into the city centre to make a detour. This would have helped ease the amount of traffic. These are some of my main observations and are only meant to provide some helpful input.

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