Happy Sunday :)

Been quite lax in posting for the last couple of days (maklumlah, cutiii heheh!). Am posting from my hotel room at the Miri Marriott. Just some random pics from the HTC G1 which I’ve taken over the past couple of months. Have an awesome Sunday everyone and Selamat Berpuasa!

The first pic taken with the G1

JC’ing pic 🙂

Asia’s Finest Baklava! I think this was the day I took delivery of Apollonia 🙂

At the e-Government Roadshow

What I’m reading

At the Bean @ Singapore Expo

2009-06-24 20.59.39

Bikers at Taurean Arch??

Another JC pic

During the Worldwide Photo Walk in KB

Waiting for the girls to get measured up for their raya outfits

Tetsuya’s Truffle Salt

Another JC pic??

Daily Traffic Routine 🙂


Final JC before Ramadhan

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