Education UK 2009 Exhibition

Congrats to my buddy Maul who got featured on NDTV while conducting a masterclass in Silat Suffian Bela Diri in Melbourne:

From The Brunei Times:

STUDENTS who wish to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom were advised to make full use of the British Council’s Education Exhibitions, as there is no substitute for obtaining information face-to-face from relevant institution representatives.

During the Education UK 2009 Exhibition yesterday, British Council (Malaysia)’s Director of Education and Programmes Peter Clack said personal contact is very important for the potential student and their parents to determine the most suitable institution that will meet their requirements.

"Students are utilising the Internet nowadays for sourcing information. But they can only get so much from the Internet. It is important for them to come here, pin someone down in a booth, and ask what their courses would be like," he said.

Clack said that although the global economy is in a decline, people are still spending on education. "Parents are willing to spend on their children to obtain quality education. Education seems to be doing quite well, even in times of economic change," he said.

Author: Reedz