Bikers at The Arch

A message from Juls-Dean / El-Kapitan 719, Mother-Chapter Brunei:

Aslmkmwbt, im Road Captain for GANGSTARS-719-mother Chapter Brunei, would like to THANX to you & wife aka very nice of u to support Local Bikers.

Hope to See you guys around again..and again…agian THANK YOU bro.

Best Regards,
Juls-Dean / El-Kapitan
719, Mother-Chapter Brunei

Those who know me know that, having used to own several bikes (including a Kawasaki VN1500) at one time, I am a biker at heart. I love big bikes and I love the feeling of the open air when cruising on a big bike. I haven’t ridden for many, many years, but whenever I come across a bunch of big bikes, without fail, I will feel that itch to ride again… One of these days… one of these days… Anyway, I came across these bikes at The Arch few nights ago and it turns out I know some of the owners. So I decided to take a few shots 🙂

My ex-colleague Ab and da boys

Biker couple spotted on the road

Author: Reedz

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  1. wah kawasaki panya one of ur bike … mine dulu Kawasaki Zephyr1100. 🙂 as u said "one of these days" mana tau ada rejiki lagi kan bali sebigi… 😆 Lets the Good Time Roll

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