Berbuka Puasa Bersama Kontemporari Khazanah di Pejabat Yang Satu Lagi

Hosted by:

His Excellency Joseph K H Koh
High Commissioner of the Republic of Singapore to Brunei Darussalam
& Mrs Peifen Koh

Kontemporari Khazanah is proud to present to the Bruneian community unique Islamic Art that has contemporary or modern nuances which represents the work of artist around the world. It is also a privilege for Kontemporary Khazanah to be invited to the event that hopes to raise funds for the Pusat Ehsan.

Available on display will be 6 series of art works namely the Mushaf, Mizan, Elegante, Raoul, Gallic and Mozaique,

Each of these series is unique expressions of the artisans in the media and medium that is applied. Some of the mediums used in this collection are leather, glass, wood, mosaic and gold leaves. The ayats are written in many Arabic fonts that enhance the art pieces individually that helps create life in a living space. None of the pieces has copies in Kontemporari Khazanah’s collection to maintain uniqueness and value of the art piece.

Amongst the series the star collection is the whole Quran being represented on a single surface. Designs of this work are translated onto halal calf leather through micro-fisching technology. There are two versions of the Quran with one having the ayat found on the door of Kaabah around the parameter of the piece. These pieces can either be a personal or corporate collection that can be handed down to the next generations.

Another heavyweight collection is the Raoul that is 20 kg in weight and is about 1.5m x 1.1m. The ayat is found embedded in the rainbow across the piece of tempered glass.

Although only invited guest are allowed into this session, the full Islamic Contemporary Art pieces can still be viewed at either D’Other Office Café & Bistro or The Mall from 15 September 2009. For more information please call Eida at 714 0702.


Mizan Series


Mozaique Series


Elegante Series

After the press conference, fellow media representatives were treated to a sumptuous sungkai meal at D’Other Office. Special Singaporean food were served together with some signature dishes that you can’t find anywhere else.


Generous servings of Singaporean Food: Indian rojak, murtabaks, chicken rice and the very delicious fried ‘tauhu’


The signature dish of ‘Sup Tulang Merah’, improvised with lamb shanks.


Glutinous rice with gula melaka: curiously and affectionately called as J.Lo. Remind me more of Patrick Starfish though…


Kurapak doing his best ‘kawai’ impression with our host, Ms Eida.


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