BIBD 5th Wish Awards Prize Presentation


BIBD wishes that the discipline and inner strength of Bruneian Muslims have built over the Ramadan period will be extended to their decisions for Hari Raya spending.  Very often, people are overwhelmed with the festive mood and get carried away in their spending, only to accumulate debts over a few weeks.

This month marks the fifth batch of BIBD Wish awardees where the ten Wish-Makers will receive their wishes, worth a total of B$80,000. These awardees’ main concern is to earn a better livelihood for their families.

Presenting the awards was Acting Managing Director of BIBD Javed Ahmad. Also at the ceremony were Hj Mohd Rozaiman bin DSLJ Hj Abd Rahman, Head of Consumer Banking Division and other heads of BIBD at its Kiulap Branch.

One of the Wish awardees, Hj Sahrin Nizar Hj Nohi wishes to save more for his family. He said his wife wants to open up a small business selling apparels and accessories, and would like to help her achieve this. Hj Sahrin shared he also wants to save up to buy a new van for his family and his wife.

Pg Roseli bin Pg Haji Hashim, on the other hand, wishes for a dream home. According to Pg Roseli, “I hope to get it as soon as possible in order to ease my worries and to ensure the happiness of my wife and children.” With this wish award, Pg Roseli will hopefully be one step closer to achieving his dream.

Hjh Rahimah who sells coconut husks is looking for ways to be able to increase production. At the time being, the method of peeling old coconut husks is done manually and for her, she has only been able to produce two boxes a day. Her wish is to own a machine that peels off the husks of the old coconuts and with it she said she would be able to produce 15 boxes a day.

“My wish is to buy a boat with an engine for my father who is a fisherman,” Junainah Haji Ahmad another wish awardee shared in her wish code. Almost everyday, her father would go off to sea to fish, so he could sell them for income to support her brothers and sisters who are still in school. She wishes for a new medium sized boat that will allow her father to store his fishing equipment safely and at the same time ensure that he will have safe fishing trips.

One of Siti Jalia bte Haji Dullah’s wishes is to bring her family to perform the Haj, which she has been trying save for nine years. With this award, hopefully she will be able to achieve this wish.

Suhaimi bin Omar’s wish on the other hand is to fix his home at Kampong Ayer, which he inherited from his parents who have passed away. He not only wants to repair the house but at the same time be able to have savings.

On the note of savings, Yahya bin Haji Metassim agrees that saving is a good habit. He however shared that he would sacrifice his savings to take care of his parents. He is a type of man who plans his expenses every month to avoid wastage. During the wish campaign, he made a wish of being able to save effectively and to one day own his own house.

First-class degree holder Haji Muhammad Shah Haji Bair’s wish is to fix the roof of the house he is living in that has been causing leaks whenever it rains. He wants to do this for his parents who have continuously blessed with everything he needs. He now feels that it is time for him to be take care of his parents and by fixing the roof, he said it would definitely cheer his parents up.

“My wish is to have a projector that will help me with my teaching,” Wish awardee Awang Azlizam bin Awg Hj Sabli, who is a religious school teacher said. With a projector, he said he will not have to make print outs anymore and would help his classes to be more interactive. “By using a projector, I can easily prepare all the notes using my computer which will be easier, faster and more organized,” he added. Other than for teaching, he said he would be able to use the projector at home, where he and his family can watch movies with it without having to go to the cinema.

Hajah Zuraidah binti Haji Mohammad Salleh has a wish of saving enough money to get a van for her family. She has six children ranging from the age six months to nine years old and she feels that with a van, she will be able to take them to school more comfortably.



Next month, another ten Wish-Makers will get their wishes, worth a total of B$80,000 granted. This excludes one Wish-Maker who will be granted a $100,000 Wish Award for the quarterly Wish award.

Besides that, the most awaited award draws near. In just a few months, BIBD will make one Wish-Maker a millionaire.

With the Wish Campaign, BIBD has an aim to achieve its goal of cultivating a savings culture among the people in Brunei.

Other aims include inviting potential benefactors to fulfil any of the short listed wish-makers who are not sponsored by BIBD through the wish campaign website, thus embracing a wish. These wishes will be posted on BIBD’s website,

The Wish Campaign is open to all citizens and permanent residents of Brunei who holds a CASA Account with BIBD and customers will receive one wish code for every $500 deposit and maintained.

For customers who already have Wish Savings Account is eligible for the first wish when they have at least $500 at the start of the campaign. Subsequent wish codes are given out based on increment of $500. This is an excellent time for parents to encourage their kids to deposit their raya money in BIBD’s CASA account so that they will be able to receive more wish codes to realise bigger dreams.

The total value of the Wish Campaign’s Awards is B$ 2,020,000. Up to ten Wish-Makers will get their wishes, worth a total of more than B$80,000, granted each month until December, starting May this year.

A wish maker will be granted a $100,000 Wish Award every quarter (July, October and January 2010) and a grand wish award of B$ 1 million, January next year. BIBD’s first Quarter awardee Hj Ismadey bin Hj Hussin was granted $100,000 in July where his wish was to build a house for his family. Currently, his dream of owning his own house is becoming a reality where BIBD is helping him with the foundation.

If wish makers should experience any problems entering their wish code on BIBD’s website, please do not hesitate to contact BIBD Marketing hotline at 2233555.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Ak Herman at +673 2233555 / 2241935 or e-mail at Marketing dept: [email protected]

Author: Reedz