Family and Teamwork

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Strong families make decisions, solve family problems, and do family work together.  Everyone has a role to play and everyone  participates.  Parents are the leaders, but the children’s opinions and efforts are invited, encouraged, and appreciated.

Making real decisions is good practice and can help children grow up to be responsible adults.  Children need opportunities to make decisions, to participate in family decisions, and to observe the parents’ decision-making process and results.

Children are more apt to carry out their responsibilities if they have some choice as to what those responsibilities are and can see how these particular tasks help the family. Teenagers are more willing to go along on a family vacation if they help decide where to go and what to do.  Older children and teens are more likely to accept limitations regarding purchases if they have an awareness of the family’s financial situation.

Letting children take part in decision-making says to them "You are important, and what you have to say counts." Many families have found that a family meeting improves communication and decision-making.  During a family meeting, every member of the family has  the opportunity to express opinions and ideas, offer compliments or complaints, and most importantly, be listened to.





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  1. And dont forget that the children are epitome of being the boss – the younger they are the biggest bosses they are – imagine if your baby born n cries for milk – you have no choice but to comply to serve

  2. inculding children in decision making would also be really good for the parents cause they can now see the child as another responsible person and allow it to make its own choices.

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