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BIBD unveils new wish awardees as grand award draws nearer

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Only three more months remain until one wish story, out of the 9,500 entries that the Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Berhad (BIBD) Wish Campaign has received so far, claims the Grand Wish Award of BND1 Million. This grand award has been scheduled to be presented in March 2010 after an event of judges and public voting.

As the campaign heads into the home stretch, all its ten October Awardees move closer to fulfilling their wishes at the Seventh Wish Awards Presentation, held earlier today at BIBD’s Tungku branch. All 10 Wish Awardees were each granted with $8,000 worth of wishes.

On hand to present the awards was BIBD’s Acting Manging Director Javed Ahmad.


This time, some awardees sought support for their business. Rohaya Binti Haji Ahim, for instance, wished for a heavy-duty oven for baking Malay pastries, especially during the Hari Raya season. Siti Firoza Binti Haji Hamdi wanted to help her sister open a tailoring shop, while Noriah Binti Asnan requested for catering equipment.

Others wished for the comfort and happiness of their loved ones. Noormah binti Tuah hoped to eventually afford a seven-seater vehicle for her family, and Aishah Bte Haji Jai wanted to save up for a family home. As for Idazianna Binti Injeo, she would like to buy her father new fishing equipment and a boat engine.

This batch of awardees also showed how much they value education. Shamsul Bin Hj Abd Hamid wanted to have more funds for his children’s tuition fees and school stationery, while Noor Hadi Haji Noor Kaseh and Hjh Fatimah Bt Hj Talip both wished to support their children’s university studies.

Dayang Alimah Binti Awang Burut decided to use her wish to start raising funds for an 18-month old Malaysian boy, who needs to undergo corrective heart surgery. The father, who provides for his son and another three-year-old daughter on a general worker’s salary, is simply unable to bear the cost of the surgery.

Dayang Alimah hoped that bringing attention to their plight would inspire others to donate as well.

“As a mother, a Muslim and a Bruneian citizen, I feel like I want to help the family out of their misery. If not, at least I can donate some of [the money they need] and hopefully other donors will contribute,” she said.

Likewise, BIBD wants the Bruneian public to see the Wish Campaign not as an end in itself, but as a source of encouragement for them to continue their saving habits. It only takes a deposit of BND500 to submit your wish story.

Since the start of the campaign in March, more than 9,500 wish stories detailing hopes and aspirations have been submitted, showing how Bruneians are striving to sustain a culture of savings

Through the Wish Campaign, BIBD intends to help people confront the challenges they face and shape their saving habits. This campaign aspires to cultivate a culture of saving among Bruneians in a sustainable manner by encouraging account holders to increase savings every month.

BIBD also wishes to inspire philanthropic spirit through this campaign by inviting the better-off among us to embrace a wish. Potential benefactors can choose to fulfil any of the shortlisted Wish-Makers who are not sponsored by BIBD through the Wish Campaign website.

Every BND 500 increment in the CASA account entitles the account holder to submit one Wish Story. However, CASA account holders need to maintain a minimum of BND 2,000 throughout the campaign to qualify.

For more information regarding the BIBD Wish Campaign, visit http://www.bibdwish.com

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  • Diana HZ November 13, 2009, 3:44 pm

    Was a worldfon user while I was doing my master in the Uk a year ago. Verdict: A Reason: Saved a lot and for only $29 unlimited!

  • Reeda Malik November 13, 2009, 9:56 pm

    Yeah! Its like having a local Brunei number in UK 🙂

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