Local Artists sign with Cooltones

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Last weekend, three local artists, Hill, A Band Once, and Klip Band, signed a deal with Modasys Technology (provider and founder of Cooltones & 3g.com.bn) to give Cooltones & 3g.com.bn exclusive rights to broadcast, distribute their music and other mobile related contents owned by the Signed Artists for use and download by the subscribers of Cooltones & 3g.com.bn.

The event took place at Au lait Café in Kiulap. Present to sign the deal on behalf of Cooltones & 3g.com.bn is Hj Mohd Fawzi, Founder & Executive Director of Modasys Technology.



Fawzi exchanging documents with Hill


A Band Once


Klip Band

These artists commemorate the latest addition of local artists that deals exclusively with Cooltones 3g.com.bn. Modasys Technology announced that they will include more local artists in the future to be a part of Cool-Tones 3g.com.bn. Artists already dealing exclusively with Modasys Technology are Maria, The Seeds, ProjectTunes Artists and Phuture Phase Productions Artists, to name a few.

Fans of these local Artists can download their tones and other downloadable mobile contents related to the artists directly from wap.Cool-tones.net by surfing through the B.mobile Portal.


On the same day, Cooltones held a prize presentation ceremony for their weekly and daily winners of the cooltones pelangi radio quiz today at the Au lait Café in kiulap. The quiz is in conjunction with the BPL SMS Quiz competition which has started early October this year.

Weekly winners will receive vouchers worth of B$50 from Cooltones & 3g.com.bn sponsored partners, QQestore, CoffeeZone, Mar Azmala Petrol Station and b.mobile Communications. Daily winners prizes are sponsored by Au Lait Café where each winners receive meal vouchers worth of B$10 at Au lait.


Shahzale, the weekly winner receiving hs prize from Fawzi



Author: Reedz