Checkin out Secret Recipe


Standard Secret Recipe Menu


The crowd at around 9ish last night


Banana Chocolate Cake. I reckon Bananas and Chocolate are soul mates πŸ™‚


My little friend was there too πŸ™‚


Chocolate Cheesecake


This was my favorite… White Chocolate Macadamia Cake … Pretty AWESOME!


Author: Reedz

5 thoughts on “Checkin out Secret Recipe

  1. Hi AB,

    you might/might not remember me but im from the wall climbing gang you met back in…2006 i thinkkkk…

    i was there on the platform side of the restaurant the night you went to SR @ Delima, didnt get a chance to say hello though as i was busy indulging =)

    just want your honest opinion about the food & more importantly the service that you experience while dining there…very much appreciated

    1. Hi Tya of course I remember you! U shud've waved hi! As I havent had a full meal there, I reserve my comments until then. Service that night was a little on the slow side and I could see quite a number of service flaws going on. Then again, its soft opening and so I reserve my comments until the grand opening πŸ™‚

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