Bruneian Postgrad Symposium 2010 – GET INVOLVED!

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Date: 20th – 21st March 2010
Location: United Kingdom
Keynote Speakers: To be announced

We invite Bruneian postgraduate students (Masters, PhD) from any discipline to submit abstracts on any aspect of how their previous, current or future research would contribute towards Brunei’s national vision for long-term development.

Any submissions which respond to this are welcome, and the themes you may wish to consider include (but are not limited to) education, technology and innovation, energy, health, food security, infrastructure, national identity, economic development and employment.

This two-day symposium aims to act as a platform for discussions between Bruneian postgraduate students from all academic disciplines as well as representatives from Brunei-based research organisations, ministries and policy-makers, and allow them to share their research, research experiences and resources and how they feel these will contribute towards realising Brunei’s long-term vision for development. We look forward to a diverse range of responses to these themes.

It does not matter if you do not have a fixed or specific research thesis, or if your current research is not based specifically on Brunei. We are open to your ideas on explorations of any potential research topics, the role you see the skills you are acquiring fitting into existing infrastructure, or how you can see your current research helping to contribute towards realising Brunei’s long-term vision for development, directly or indirectly. You may find it helpful to refer to Brunei’s Vision 2035.


Please send abstracts of 200-250 words for proposed presentations of 15-20 minutes to the Scientific Committee at [email protected] by Thursday,  31st December 2009. Please include your name, faculty/department, university affiliation and contact email address.

This conference has been generously approved and given the full backing of Brunei Students’ Unit, London and Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

If you have any queries, suggestions or would like to request further information about the symposium, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above email address.


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